1949: On vacation here is Lady Betty Brown, who arrived by Pan American from Miami en route from London. Paying her first visit, she will remain for four weeks as guest of Brigadier E. Mount, senior director of Colonial Development Corporation, and Mrs Mount.

1958: Damage estimated at £6,000 was done by fire to a business and dwelling home occupied by Mr A.C. Bonner, businessman of the district. The building was completely destroyed.

1960: A prisoner at the General Penitentiary, Kingston, working at the warders’ recreation club ground, opposite, escapes by riding away a warder’s bicycle.

1966: The state of emergency declared a month ago in western Kingston and sections of south-western St Andrew ends tonight at midnight. The Government, following upon assurances given in the House of Representatives recently by Roy McNeil, minister of home affairs, has not taken up the option to extend the period further than the statutory 30 days in a first instance.

1967: A huge boulder, measuring five feet in diameter, four feet tall and weighing approximately 1.5 tons, fell seven chains from a hill to the St Simon’s Primary School, knocking out a crossbeam, smashing through a wall of the school and wrecking eight benches beyond repair.

1972: A major development project to create a new resort and commercial centre in the central waterfront area of Montego Bay, will be carried out by the Government, through the Urban Development Corporation, it’s official agency.

1974: Air Jamaica has entered into agreement with the Boeing Aircraft Corporation of Seattle, Washington, USA, to purchase two new Boeing 727-200 series Tri-jets to increase its fleet of planes.

1982: Mrs Manley, wife of the leader of the Opposition, Michael Manley, resigns from the presidency of the People’s National Party Women’s Movement.

1985: The Ministry of Education is closing its five regional education offices and is to effect cuts in the island’s tertiary-educational institutions because of the slashing of $73 million from the ministry’s budget.

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