1935: The Aliens’ Admission & Deportation Law of 1933 has just been brought into operation. The Legislative Council adopted it during the first month of Sir Ransford Slater’s connection with the colony as governor, but although the secretary of state for colonies approved of the measure, it remained in abeyance until a few weeks ago when Sir Edward Denham signed a proclamation that it should become operative. It will now be possible for the Government to direct that undesirable aliens should leave the colony by dates that will be specified, or be deported.

1939: The girls in the Annual Beauty Contest, originated and sponsored by this newspaper, are complaining that the men have all the fun of coming to see them in the contest, while they, the girls, never get a chance to see what good-looking men of Jamaica are like – and to say what they think of them.

1948: Kingston manage to score 152 runs before they are bowled out in their Junior Cup cricket fixture against JALGO at Sabina Park. When stumps are drawn, JALGO have scored 45 runs for the loss of three wickets. K. Passalaigue top scores for Kingston with 57 followed by M. Parks 55. Passalaigue, continuing in fine form, shows his prowess with the ball by taking JALGO’s three wickets.

1950: One thousand workers a day at peak will be employed by Reynolds Jamaica Mines Ltd, St Ann, during their development programme of the next two years. Jamaica Bauxite Ltd in Manchester will employ at peak 1,750 per day when maximum production is attained. But it is likely to be several years before full production of these companies is attained and none of them will be in production before the middle of 1952. These facts emerge from an official report from the House of Representatives.

1960: Two films of the wedding of Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones are flown to Jamaica by BOAC Britannia flight from London, to be released here. One of the films, The Wedding in Springtime, is produced by the A. Arthur Bank Organisation. The other, Princess Margaret’s Wedding, is produced by Warner Bros in colour and opens to a packed house at the Regal Theatre.

1972: Prime Minister Michael Manley announce in the House of Representatives that the National Lottery, in operation for more than three years, is to be abolished. He said the lottery had “adverse effects upon the youths of the country” and “we are also of the view that the lottery is not an appropriate instrument of economic development”.

1978: Headline in newspaper of the day reads: Bell announces three-year economic package after IMF talks … 15 per cent devaluation, $180.3m new taxes. Gas $3 per gallon, cigarettes 60 cents, beer up 55 cents, and alcohol up too.

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