1940: The People’s National Party names F.A Glasspole, Willis O. Isaacs, Dr Glendon Logan, B.B. Cooke and the Hon Dudley Stokes to the informal joint committee to the House of Representatives to consider a flag and an anthem for an independent Jamaica.


1958: Following negotiations between the Government and the National Water Commission, it is agreed that the Government will pay the sum of £150,000 to the commission who will, on their part, take over the 12-year-old Mona Reservoir.

1964: The road surface on Tom Redcam Avenue in St Andrew is “three times worse than bad” according to evaluation of tests with a machine designed to measure bumps and road surfaces. The machine known as a bumpometer or bump integrator is on loan from the British Ministry of Transport to Caribbean Road Traffic and Planning Research Unit at Half-Way Tree.


1967: Prime Minister Hugh Shearer announces that a meeting of trade ministers of Commonwealth Caribbean countries will be held in Jamaica on Friday, May 19, to discuss problems, which could arise if Britain is accepted into the European Common Market.

1972: The attorney general and chairman of the Jamaica Legal Churchill, Senator Leacroft Robinson, says that a passion for law was important for a well-ordered society and expresses his anxiety for Jamaica to remain a democratic country.

1975: A group of 33 Jamaican workers leave for Cuba to undergo a one-year period of training in construction methods and technology. They will be followed shortly by another 150 persons who will also go through the one-year training programme. This training is part of the Technical and Scientific Cooperation agreement between the governments of Cuba and Jamaica which resulted from negotiations carried out between the Hon Levy Farah, Cuba’s Minister of Development of Social and Agricultural Buildings and the Hon Anthony Spaulding, Jamaica’s Minister of Housing.

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