1934: Ten thousand tons of scrapped iron from Jamaica’s sugar estates will shortly be shipped to the United States. Japan wants a similar quantity, if not more, of old steel but Jamaica is unable to supply the demand. The man behind the scrap iron shipment deal is Mr A.B.E. Forgel, a German but now a naturalised American. He represents Metal Trade Company, New York.

1938: For the first time in the history of Jamaica, a governor of the colony is operated on in the island. Sir Edward Denham choose the Kingston General Hospital – this adding another fact to local history as he is operated on for an intestinal obstruction.

1958: Boys’ Town, Jamaica and West Indies cricketer Collie Smith scores a quick 52 for his team Burnley against Bacup in the Lancashire League in England. The ball is lost when he hits one of his sixes. Three other sixes drop into the car park outside the grounds, damaging the cars of spectators.

1960: A David Ian Moyston, 35-year-old solicitor of Morant Bay, is elected federal member of parliament for the parish of St Thomas.

1960: Premier Norman Manley announces that the people of Jamaica are to be asked next year to state whether Jamaica should secede from or remain in the West Indies Federation. They will be asked to decide on the two questions by vote in a referendum.

1966: The Bar Association of Jamaica, in a special general meeting, unanimously passes a resolution condemning the Government’s action of cancelling and withholding without any disclosed reasons the passports of a number of Jamaican citizens, including esteemed and respected members of the association.

1972: Prime Minister Michael Manley announces a programme aimed at wiping out illiteracy in four years with the help of 20,000 volunteers.

1981: Plans are in place for the maintenance of emergency services at government hospitals to be carried out by the consulting staff, in case the 100 members of the Junior Doctors Association go ahead with their strike tomorrow. The statement is issued through the Agency for Public Information and Minister of Health, Dr Kenneth Baugh, who has had long and extensive discussions with doctors in the Government service during the day in an effort to avert withdrawal of service by the junior doctors.

1982: Almost the entire island is without electrical power because of an explosion in the “auxiliary board” of the No. 4 generating unit at the Hunt’s Bay power station of the Jamaica Public Service Company. No one is hurt in the explosion, but it triggers a chain reaction at Hunts Bay which knocks out the other generating units there as well as the No 1 and No 2 units at Old Harbour, St Catherine causing power outages in virtually all of Jamaica.

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