1927: The Harrison Line steamer, Settler, leaves Jamaica for Puerto Cortez, Puerto Barrios and Belize with intransit cargo.

1942: Kingston College defeat Calabar in their Sunlight Cup cricket match played at Calabar by scoring 123 runs for two wickets. Batting first, Calabar set a target of 109 runs, N. Skyers making 31 and Basil Keane 20. For Kingston College, John Prescod, 59, and J.K. Holt Jnr, 27, not out, are the main scorers.

1948: Portland’s resident magistrate, C.G.X. Henriques, tells Clement Brown, who has asked the magistrate ’to send his truant, six-year old son to the Stony Hill Industrial School, that ’I know you all want to get rid of your children, but you need to realise they did not ask you to bring them into this world. I’ve found that 90 per cent of the misdeeds of children are due to the indifference of parents, so I’m going to begin to deal with you parents.’ Brown is therefore bound in forty shillings ‘to cause the youngster to behave’, and is warned that if the child misbehaves, he, the father, would, in law, be brought back to the court and ordered to serve a prison term.

1960: Lenn Happ and Company Limited opens a luxury supermarket at 68 Orange Street in Kingston.

1962: A lifeboat with five persons is found 110 miles southeast of Morant Point after drifting for 12 days. The lifeboat belongs to the Dominican ship, Anna Maria, which sank on May 15 about 150 miles south of Santo Domingo. Passengers and crew had taken the boat when the ship sank.

1964: Jawaharlal Nehru, builder of modern India and its prime minister since 1947, dies from a heart attack at his home in India.

1966: Heavy rains, accompanied by high winds, thunder and lightning, have been falling over most of the island since Sunday which resulted in roadblocks in many parishes, power failure and disruption of telephone services.

1970: Sir Alfred Rennie, a former judge of the Supreme Court of Jamaica, returns from Antigua where he had gone as chairman of a three-man commission set up to enquire into the recent civil servant strike there. Sir Alfred was sent by the Jamaican Government of Antigua. Antiguan civil servants went on strike in their stand against the suspension of customs officials n connection with specific incidents at Customs headquarters.

1974: Police are searching for two men who landed in a light airplane on a mountainside in the Bensonton area of St. Andrew over the weekend and disappeared shortly after. The plane apparently came for a load of ganja but was abandoned by its crew after it damaged its nose and wing during landing. Forty-seven bags of cured ganja were found stacked at the side of the makeshift runway.

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