1923: The Chinese Sanitarium organised by the Chinese Benevolent Society is formally opened.

1941: Miss Una Goulbourne of Allman Town, a very attractive young lady, is chosen Miss ‘Spotlight’ from a bevy of beauties. The selection is undertaken by the guests of honour, head by Mr A.V. Armond.

1945: Mark Anthony wins the popular Pyramid Cup at Knutsford Park.

1948: After a lull between arrivals, another batch of Jamaican Royal Air force (RAF) personnel returns home from England on the ss Empire Windrush which arrives by way of the West Indies with a large complement of service and civilian personnel. Docking at the Royal Mail Lines pier, the trooper brought 215 Jamaican RAF men, most of whom have been demobilised and returned home to resume their place in the island scheme of things.

1949: Kensington defeats Jamaica College (JC) by eight runs in their Minor League cricket match at Kensington Park. The school boys register 128 runs, and in reply the home team chalks up 136 for the loss of six wickets. Top scorers for JC are B.MM. Excell with 45, Major Allen, 28 and J.H. Monteith 23.

1960: The Hon Norman Manley, premier and People’s National Party (PNP) leader calls for support of the Federation to achieve “an independence that shall make the negroes of the world free.” Mr Manley is speaking at a public rally in front of the city’s Coronation Market at the end of the Labour Day march organised by the National Workers’ Union and the PNP.

1964: Prince Buster has two records on the Jamaican Hit Parade for this week, Tongue Will Tell and Wash Wash at numbers two and five, respectively, but it is Millie Small’s My Boy Lollipop which is in the number-one spot. Sammy Dead by Eric Morris is at number four.

1970: Another high honour is paid by Jamaica to its only living National Hero, the Rt Excellent Alexander Bustamante, as the statue of him which has been erected in the historic Victoria Square in Kingston is formally unveiled.

1972: Dr F. E. Effed, minister of economic development in Suriname arrives in Jamaica for a two-day visit. While he is here, he will meet and have discussions with government officials.

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