1892: A man who is charged with the illegal practice of Obeah in the parish of St. Thomas protests to the Morant Bay Resident Magistrate, L.L. Simmonds that “the Law is standing in his way of earning a livelihood” when the Judge penalises him.


1935: Adrian Robinson, the son of Florette Bell-Robinson and Alan Robinson, is born at Blackstoneage, St. Ann.

1949: A Gannet, an American bird, is found injured by Con Pink, the Community Relations Officer of Kaiser Bauxite Company, on the road between Lucea in Hanover and Montego Bay, St. James. It is one of the birds which migrate to Jamaica during the winter seasons and it is believed its injury has prevented it from returning.

1950: Over 300 men, women and children turn out at Farm Hill in St. Andrew at dawn with pick axes, shovels, cutlasses and hoes to commence building a road with free labour to Hagley Gap. The work begins with a short religious service, a prayer, a reading from Psalm 85, and the singing of the hymn, O God Our Help In Ages Past. A decision is taken that the men will refrain from having strong drink while working on the road until it is finished.


1954: A massive raid, described as the largest ever carried out in Jamaica, is carried out by the police led by Deputy Commissioner L.P.R. Browning, on Pinnacle, in the hills above Sligoville in St. Catherine. Over eight tonnes of ganja are seized and 140 Rastafarians are taken into custody. Among them are Silbert and Martinel, two teenage sons of Leonard Howell, the leader of the settlers, who are charged with unlawful possession of watches.


1959: Fourteen-year-old Bill McIntosh of the Oracabessa Primary School, St. Mary, scores 108 of 155 in a cricket Cup match against Boscobel School at Oracabessa. He hits ten sixes and nine fours. Bowling for Oracabessa, R. Bariffe takes 6 wickets for 6 runs as Boscobel is dismissed for 19

1960: Victor Cummings is born at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, North Street, Kingston, the son of Jacob Cummings and Leonie Chambers.

1972: Dr. Ralph Abernathy, US Civil Rights Leader and President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and an associate of the late Martin Luther King Jr., arrives in Jamaica to participate in the ‘Put Work Into Labour Day’ community voluntary activities to be carried out throughout Jamaica on tomorrow’s Public Holiday.

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