1947: His Excellency, the Governor, Sir John Huggins joins with the municipality in paying tribute to the Rt Rev P.W. Gibson BA, BD, Bishop Suffragan of Kingston at a Civic Reception given in honour of the new Prelate at the Ward Theatre. The large attendance, which draws different classes of the community, is indicative of the esteem in which the Suffragan Bishop is held and expressive of the people’s delight in the high honour paid to one of its outstanding sons.

1951: D. T. M. Girvan, manager of Jamaica Social Welfare Commission, is appointed secretary of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS). He is expected to take up his new duties on June 1, or as shortly as is convenient. Rudolph Burke, president of the JAS, makes the announcement at the regular monthly meeting of the board of management.

1955: An appeal against conviction and sentence in the May Pen Resident Magistrate’s Court for an election breach is filed by the solicitors of Rose Leon, former minister of health and housing. Leon was convicted a fortnight ago when the resident magistrate decided that she had slandered Percival Broderick, the PNP candidate during the election campaign.

1960: The press and the public are barred from the Resident Magistrate’s Court at Half Way Tree for one and a half hours as a preliminary enquiry begins into charges brought against Rev Claudius Henry, head of the African Reform Church, and 15 of his followers under the Treason Felony Law. It is the first time in about 100 years that legal action is taken under this law, and a large crowd, carrying placards assembled outside the precincts of the court.

1964: Garfield Sobers is appointed captain of the West Indies cricket team. Kenny Wishart, secretary of the West Indies Board of Control, announces his appointment.

1967: Prime Minister Hugh Shearer announces the appointments of Sir Neville Ashenheim in the Ministry of Finance and G. Arthur Brown to be governor of the Bank of Jamaica with effect from July 1, 1967.

1974: Phases two and three of Project Land-Lease, first announced by the Minister of Agriculture Keble Munn, in January, goes into operation at Elim property in St Elizabeth when over 400 applicants for the project turn up for interview.

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