1933: An earthquake shook the island for six seconds. Heavy prolonged shock wakens sleepers around 3 a.m. J.F. Brennan, government meteorologist, puts the shock in class four. Under the Rossi Forel Scale of grading earthquakes, there are 10 classes, with the 10th class representing the most severe form.

1937: Some 4,000 children from Swallowfield, St Mark’s, Whitfield Pen, Half-Way Tree, All Saints, St George’s, Central Branch, Smith Village, the Grove, St Paul’s, Love Lane and St Michael’s Anglican elementary schools in the Corporate Area gather at Clovelly Park on North Street to celebrate the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

1951: The Parochial Board of St Thomas gives its support to a motion which is being circulated to all boards by the Clarendon Parochial Board, calling on the Government to teach secondary-school subjects in elementary schools which have more than 500 pupils. The Clarendon board’s motion expresses the view that this could be the nucleus of free secondary education in Jamaica.

1956: According to the latest Register of Medical Practitioners published in the Jamaica Gazzette, there are 63 women doctors qualified to practise in Jamaica. The list is being increased each year by the University College of the West Indies.

1957: Wright’s Jewellery Store moves its business operations to new premises at 88 King Street at the corner of Beeston and King streets in Kingston. Proprietor is Lennie Wright.

1962: Four female civil servants leave Jamaica for the West Cameroons in West Africa to take up appointments with the Government. They are Ruby Williams and Flora Lawrence of the Ministry of Communications and Works, Hyacinth Philibert of the Ministry of Home Affairs, and Lois Simpson of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

1979: There is no truth to a radio broadcast that the Chinese government halted a shipment of equipment for the Old Harbour Textile Plant because of Michael Manley’s joining with Soviet Union in criticising China over the Chinese-Vietnamese conflict. Checks with the Chinese Embassy elicited the information that the first shipment of equipment had arrived and the second shipment was on its way.

1982: The Bellevue Hospital cultural therapy team will be staging a national concert to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the death of Don Drummond (popular Jamaican trombonist) at the Bellevue Gardens Theatre on July 4. It was scheduled for May 6, but had to be postponed. Don Drummond died on May 6, 1969 in the Bellevue Hospital at the age of 29.

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