1930: P.F Lightbody, M.L.C. introduced in the Legislative Council a resolution to prohibit altogether or curtail the number of motor cars imported into the island during the next three years. The value of motor cars, trucks and articles, which came into the island, amounted to £500,000; and the duty collected by the Government was in the vicinity of £80,000.

1939: The Smith Committee on a new constitution for Jamaica is preparing its report for Government. This committee consists of elected members of the present Legislative Council. Recommendation is made to have: two houses for legislation in Jamaica; 14 members for the House of Assembly, or lower house. The Upper House is to have 12 members, all of them nominated by the Government or who will be at liberty to nominate Government officers. Whatever changes is to be made in Jamaica’s constitution will be brought about in time for elections in 1940.

1967: Prime Minister Hugh Shearer calls on Jamaicans to exercise “self-respect, alertness, courage and self-discipline to tackle the problems and challenges of the nation”. Shearer says that as prime minister, there are three alternatives facing the country. The first is to stop and stagnate, the second is to go on bended knees to a foreign country and beg, and the third is to face the challenges and tackle our problems with discipline. “I do not propose to resort to the first; I cannot be and will not be prime minister under these circumstances. I also do not intend to go hat in hand with the problems of my Jamaican people to some other country to beg grants and handouts for Jamaica. I will never be prime minister under these circumstances. Somebody else, not me. I will instead succeed or fail on the third, which is to rely on the self-respect, the alertness, the courage, and the self-discipline of my own people to tackle the problems and the challenges of our nation.”

1970: Canada agrees to finance preparation of the master 20-year development plans for Kingston and Montego Bay airports. The master plans involving engineering and design work is estimated to cost CA$300,000 (J$240,000). This will be financed out of the $500,000 Canadian loan to Jamaica.

1977: Resident Magistrate Errington Green is appointed the first ombudsman of Jamaica. In this post he will investigate complaints of citizens against administrative abuses. The office of ombudsman originated in Sweden in 1909-10.

1983: Prime Minister Edward Seaga cancels the unveiling of the statue of Bob Marley at Celebrity Park which was done by Christopher Gonzales. The statue is to be sent to the National Gallery and a new one commissioned to be placed in Celebrity Park. The cancellation results from a protest by spectators who say that the statue does not resemble the superstar. The statue is pelted with stones, orange guts and other pellets.

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