1907: Archbishop Nuttall addresses, on behalf of the needy churches of Jamaica, a large meeting of the congregational union, which includes several members of Parliament. He reports that the treasury and colonial office are now arranging details for loans and grants so that the necessary parliamentary action may be taken as early as possible.

1907: His Excellency the acting governor and his wife arrive at the public general hospital for a pleasant function. Nurses are presented with gifts in recognition of the splendid work they performed during the period following the disastrous earthquake of January 14 last year.

1912: Wilfred, the youth who, it is alleged, attempted to commit suicide by jumping into the sea at the Victoria Market Pier, is brought before the police court. After his charge is withdrawn, he gives a promise that he will not consider taking such a step again.

1942: Chinese wholesalers and retail grocers in Kingston inform the police that letters have been hand delivered by a boy, warning them to “keep at least £10 at hand to deliver to us when we come, to avoid destruction of lives and property.” The ‘we’ is a gang of what is known as “revolver bandits” and who have been terrorising Chinese businessmen. The letter also informs the businessmen that their movements are being studied and ”you should not move or make any effort to get the gun you might be carrying”.

1949: The spring season of Jamaica’s legislature opens at Headquarters House on Duke Street with traditional ceremony and colour.

1962: After approximately two years of consultancy and detailed top-level negotiations, the University of the West Indies has agreed in principle to the creation of a Faculty of Theology in the very near future at the university campus, Mona.

1974: The new Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay, St James, is declared officially open by the recently appointed minister of health, Kenneth McNeill. Also participating in the opening are Opposition Leader Hugh Shearer and former Health Minister Herbert Eldemire. McNeill announces that the buildings of the former Montego Bay Hospital will be used as a community health centre until a new one is built at Catherine Hall.

1975: Tracey Barnes, aged 12, wins three events – the 100 metres freestyle, 400 metres medley and the 400 metres freestyle – at the Junior Swimming Championships at the National Stadium pool, and establishing a meet record in the latter with a time of five minutes 24 seconds. Rosie Phillips, aged 13, also sets a new meet record of one minute 26.8 seconds in the 100 metres breaststroke.

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