1959: Minister of Trade and Industry Wills Isaacs performs a ceremonial groundbreaking for a new blanket factory on Washington Boulevard. It is scheduled to be the largest ever built in Jamaica under the auspices of the Industrial Development Corporation.


1962: Government approves a proposal submitted by the Independence celebration committee. Chairman Theodore Sealy announces that Government has also approved expenditure of about £350,000, and that further finance is to be allocated for spreading employment among the people but this will be done by government departments and local government.


1970: The Anglican Synod passes a resolution calling on Government to bring the National Lottery to an end. The resolution is moved by the Rev J.T. Clark, suffragan bishop of Kingston, and seconded by the Ven E. Maxwell, archdeacon of Surrey. The resolution states that the National Lottery is having a demoralising effect on a national scale and should be ended.

1974: Pembroke Hall residents protest against the erection of a petroleum filling station at 70 Pembroke Hall Drive, St Andrew. About 30 members of the Pembroke Hall Civic Association stand peacefully near the construction site with placards, some of which read ‘down with the gas station’, ‘gas station breed idlers’, ‘our boys need playfields not gas station’ and ‘we want light not gas’.

1979: The prisoner parole system is now in operation and, so far, five inmates have been released and are living in their communities under strict supervision. The Gleaner has been informed that two hostels have been established in the Corporate Area for parolees who have served long stretches and are in need of pre-release orientation.

1981: With the boom of guns and martial music, the north coast town of Montego Bay is formally proclaimed the ‘City of Montego Bay’ at 11:15 a.m. In a festive 90-minute ceremonial, Minister of Local Government Pearnel Charles reads the formal proclamation according the town “the title, style, recognition, privilege and status of a city”.

1983: Minister of Public Utilities and Transport Pearnel Charles appeals for public cooperation with the Government in finding solutions for serious problems facing the country, warning that if the country failed this time, “it might just be too late for anybody else”.

1985: A devastating spell of medium-fast bowling by captain Derron Dixon carries Kingston College to a 32-run win over Calabar High in the Sunlight Cup final at Melbourne Oval.

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