1952: Many city folks go out to buy their usual Sunday box of ice cream, only to be told they would have to pay a little more for it. The main factory concerned is the Royal Cremo factory at Princess Street, but other factories have also increased their prices because they say the price of sugar and milk products have gone up as well.


1957: Norman W. Manley, chief minister of Jamaica, says that he expects the Federation of the West Indies to achieve dominion status in the British Commonwealth within five years. This he says in an interview after his arrival from Accra, where he participated in the independence celebrations of Ghana. He further adds that London will appoint a governor general for the new federation in September and that the first parliamentary elections will be held next march.

1960: Jamaica is to have islandwide conversion of its electricity frequency to 50 cycles by the end of 1962. This is announced by Wills O. Isaacs, minister of trade and industry, in the course of his Budget speech in the House of Representatives. The work of conversion will be undertaken by the Jamaica Public Service Co Ltd at a cost of £2,200,000 and will start on January 1, 1961 in the western sector of the island, afterwards moving eastwards and being completed in the Corporate Area at the end of 1962.

1964: Conciliation talks on the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) strike which started at the Ministry of Labour at 3:30 p.m. is adjourned at 9:30 without final agreement. The six-hour talks were held between the JBC and the National Workers’ Union. A large measure of agreement was reported, however, and the meeting was concerned in its final hours only with the question of the JBC freelancers.

1967: A People’s National Party strong-arm man is shot to death and five other persons, including a woman and her two daughters, are admitted in hospital, as renewed political violence continues in the Denham Town area of west Kingston. The woman, a Jamaica Labour Party adherent, and her daughters were badly burnt in a fire which trapped them in a room they shared on Wellington Street.

1972: Prime Minister Michael Manley announces the names of 14 ministers who will form the 19-member Cabinet of the new administration along with the departments and subjects for which they will be responsible. An official release from the Office of the Prime Minister said a letter was being sent to the governor general advising him of the proposed appointments.

1976: Without the usual fanfare, the president of Costa Rica, Dr Daniel Oduber Quiros, arrives by private jet at the Norman Manley International Airport on a one-day informal visit. After he was welcomed by the governor general, the president was introduced to the prime minister, Michael Manley, and both men embraced warmly.

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