1948: The heavy explosion of a time bomb on a white bus on Duke Street shatters the uneasy quiet which had surrounded the transport strike. Like the bomb explosion in South Parade last week, the Duke Street bomb exploded just as the bus – one on the Seymour Avenue route – was about to leave its downtown terminus. Two persons were injured as a result of the blast. 


1954:Sir Hugh Foot and I are at the crossroads on a vital subject,” Mr Bustamante, the chief minister, tells The Gleaner concerning the issue as to whether there should be more constituencies for the general election this year. The main disagreement rests on whether St Andrew should be given an additional constituency bringing it to four. This is favoured by the governor who has made the recommendation to the secretary of state that on the basis of population, St. Andrew should be allotted another constituency if other parishes are to receive more. 


1956: Approximately 40,000 stems less of bananas were shipped from the island to the United Kingdom during the January and February this year than were exported over the corresponding months last year. Figures released by the Banana Board disclose that for the two months this year, a total of 1, 262,364 stems were shipped, while the shipments for the similar period last year amounted to 1,302,307 stems. 


1964: No date has been set for the start of the islandwide enumeration of voters under the new system of registration. A spokesman from the Government, however, says that the registration will begin during the course of this month. In the meantime, the chief electoral officer and his staff, including the technical advisers of the Shoup Corporation, are busy making final arrangements for the photographing of voters in certain prescribed areas and the fingerprinting of all voters. 


1969: A call for the subject of the national security of Jamaica to be placed above politics and for an end to be put to abuse, violence and the encouragement of criminal conduct in the island is made by the prime minister, Hugh Shearer. He was speaking at a luncheon at the Sheraton Kingston Hotel, sponsored by the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce. 


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