1948: His Majesty King Leopold of Belgium and his wife end their 20-day holiday in Jamaica when they leave in a Right Royal KLM ‘take-off’ for Havana, from whence they travel in a few days to their home in Switzerland. His Majesty told The Gleaner exclusively that they are not going home to Belgium just now, as the political situation in Belgium has not changed very much yet.


1955: A two-engine cargo plane crash-lands off the Palisadoes beach and ends up about 15 yards from raging sea after careening across the airport roadway. The two pilots are unhurt. The airport staff was alerted by the Air Traffic Control following a message from the plane that there was a serious leakage of brake fluid and that a hazardous landing would have to be attempted. The ambulance and fire brigade rushed to the runway and there was tension when the plane failed to land on the first attempt.

1960: Florizel Glasspole, minister of education, announces that the Government has decided to institute a programme in the field of technical high-school education aimed at providing 60 per cent free places in the island’s technical schools starting in September. The plan is to hold a Common Entrance Examination as exists in grammar-school education, making awards of free places until the point is reached where 60 per cent of the places in technical high schools are government free places.

1962: Further details of the negotiations between the Government and the Jamaica Public Service Co Ltd, over the financing of the company’s £10-million expansion plan, which led to the Government taking full power to fix minimum rates for electricity, are made public by Neville Ashenheim in the Legislative Council. Ashenheim, disclosing at the outset that he was an interested party as he was a director of the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited, says the negotiations were deadlocked as far back as April 1960, two months before he joined the company’s directorate.

1967: Rewards are being offered by the police for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons in connection with two recent crimes and the recovery of unlicensed firearms. The rewards are announced by Police Commissioner Gordon Langdon in press releases. Up to £500 will be awarded for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible for the Jones Town Post Office robbery, and £300 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons in the killing of 18-year-old Andrew Barton.

1970: The final batch of delegates to the two-day meeting of the Regional Shipping Council, which opens at the Courtleigh Manor Hotel, arrive at the Palisadoes Airport. Those coming in included Kamaluddin Mohammed, minister of West Indian affairs, and B. Procope of Trinidad and Tobago, Neville Boxhill, minister of communication and works; his permanent secretary, Chessie Thompson, and representative of the West Indies Shipping Corporation.

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