1903: An important conference is held at Headquarter House among several gentlemen representing the Government and the produce dealers, and the insurance companies’ agents. The conference is held for the purpose of discussing in what respects the Stamp Duty Law and the Produce Protection Law of 1903 would affect insurance companies and local buyers of produce.


1952: In the most entertaining mixed doubles match between purely local pairs, Ron Sturdy and Mrs. Ramsay barely nose out Clinton Nunes and Mrs. D.A. Bicknell to reach the final of this event in the Liguanea Lawn Tennis Tournament. The two men took turns to excel themselves and to flop. In the first set, Nunes was an erring soul and he and his partner lost in the seventh game, but from that point on, he was very much in the picture and, at times, was so smart that he made the opposition look silly. All four played well, but eventually the slightly greater and more consistent pressure exerted at the net by Sturdy and Mrs. Ramsay helped give the victory.

1967: Acting Prime Minister Clement Tavares expresses hope that Prime Minister Donald Sangster will continue to make favourable progress in his present illness. He adds that he was hopeful that Mr. Sangster would be able to have an early recovery and return to work. Mr. Tavares returns by Air Canada on his way from Montreal, where he flew last week to be at Mr. Sangster’s side.

1970: Most churches of the established denominations in the Corporate Area are full congregations at their Good Friday services and, in some instances, people remain on their feet for the entire service. Many churches had three services during the day. There are capacity congregations at Holy Cross in Half-Way Tree, St Luke’s in Cross Roads and Kingston Parish Church in South Parade. Coke Chapel at East Parade also had a large congregation – about 1,000 people.

1974: Another increase has taken place in the price of cement, the retail price going up by 30 cents per bag. This means that the new price for the 94lb bag is $1.85.


1974: A fine of $50 is to be imposed in the future on any person who fails to produce a driver’s licence to the police as required under the Road Traffic Law. This is a new move by Government in its stepped-up campaign against crime in the country, and is being done by way of an amendment of the Road Traffic Law, which has been introduced in the House of Representatives by the Minister of Works Sydney Pagon.

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