1946: Way back in 1704, the Suffolk Regiment, then only one battalion and known as the 12th Foot, was stationed in Jamaica. Today, nearly 250 years later, they are back in the island: the 8th Battalion having arrived here for a tour of duty at this British Army Station. This little bit of regimental history is disclosed to The Gleaner by the commanding officer of the battalion, Lieutenant Colonel E.R. Danglish, who with his men landed from the S.S. Mataroa, which brought them to the island from England.


1949: Lady Huggins, wife of His Excellency the Governor, leaves the island in a US Army Air Force C54 Transport plane. She has gone to Panama on the first leg of a tour of the other West Indian Islands. She is accompanied on the trip by Colonel L.P. Ensign, commander of Vernamfield; Mrs Ensign; and Capt. Gerald Daneill, aide to Major General W. H. Hayle, who flew from Allbrook Field, Panama.


1954: Mr Gilbert Little, of Ontario Canada dies in his sleep at the Beach View Hotel. Dr S.E. Thomas, who performed the autopsy, stated that death was caused by a heart attack. Mr Little, who is 64 years old, arrived in the island in the middle of the month with his friend Mr Douglas Harbach. Both men were members of the Canadian Legion of the British Service League.


1957: Kingston’s second Bishop Suffragan is consecrated in the historic Cathedral of St Jago De La Vega, Spanish Town as the Venerable Archdeacon Edward Lewis Evans, M.Th., archdeacon of Surrey, succeeds the Rt Rev the Hon P.W. Gibson, now Lord Bishop of Jamaica. The chief consecrator at the ceremony was His Grace the Archbishop of the West Indies and Metropolitan, the Most Rev. Alan J. Knight. Others were the Lord Bishops of Haiti, British Honduras, Jamaica and Honduras.


1960: Legislative councillors call for world sanctions against the Union of South Africa and, if necessary, the expulsion of that country from the Commonwealth of Nations. This expression of opinion came in the course of the debate on a motion of the Hon Philip Sherlock, acting principal of the University College of the West Indies, which was later amended by the Hon Douglas Fletcher, leader of the House. This motion was as a result of the killing of native Africans in South Africa during demonstrations. South Africa has been in turmoil as it relates to racial policies.


1965: Sir Alexander Bustamante, prime minister, suffers another stroke and this has resulted in a setback in his progress toward recovery. The stroke was described by his team of doctors as “another mild cerebro-vascular accident”. They said, however, that it was milder than the seizure he suffered on January 24. One result of the prime minister’s attack is that the proposal for surgery to remove the cataract from his right eye has been set back.

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