1953: According to a release from the secretariat, there will be three public holidays during the Coronation celebration period. The decision has been taken by the executive council that Tuesday, the 2nd of June, 1953 (Coronation Day) and Wednesday, the 3rd of June, should be declared as public holidays with pay. The 11th of June (the Queen’s Birthday) is also a public holiday so that there will be three public holidays during the Coronation period.


1956: Nationalisation of industries forms no part of the Government’s policies or programmes, says the Hon. Wills O. Isaacs, minister of trade and industry speaking at the opening of the new Colgate Palmolive factory on the Foreshore Road in the Industrial Estate. The minister in his short address before an audience of Government officials, industrialists and other parties, outlined the Government’s present designs for industry and indicated the future programme.

1959: An increase of five pounds per tonne takes place in the greenboat (or quayside) price of Jamaican bananas in the United Kingdom. This has brought the prevailing price up to 70 pounds 15/- per tonne. This increase is the second in seven days, at that time the increase was also of a
similar value, five pounds. Banana prices in the United Kingdom have been improving steadily over the past four weeks due to the early onset of warm weather this year.


1962: Constant Spring residents get a scare when an aircraft flies low over the area. Many say they thought the airplane was going to crash into the houses. The facts were that two of the Shackleton aircrafts that had been temporarily in Jamaica since the B.G. crisis set off to return to the United Kingdom. One of the crafts had flown low in order to take photographs of the area, without receiving the proper permission.

1970: Unloading of the cargo of refrigerators and/or refrigerator components, consigned to Serve-Wel Electric Company of Jamaica is completed. The shipment of some 2,300-odd cases landed from the Italian freighter, Anna Maria d’Amico, at Hanover Street Wharf in Kingston and placed in the warehouse at the pier under Customs guard. While the cargo was being unloaded, one of the packages fell into the sea.

1976: Medical supplies and equipment are at present packed up on the compound of the Island Medical Stores at Marcus Garvey Drive. Workers say that this is because of a lack of storage space in the warehouse. It is reported that some of the equipment has been outside for almost two years. The Ministry of Health and Environmental Control is said to be aware of the situation but is reportedly unable to remedy the condition due to lack of funds. Workers at the Medical Stores complain that they do not have adequate sanitary conveniences, or a cafeteria and the water cooler, which was installed months ago, still does not work.

1981: Eight prisoners who escaped from the Central Police Station lock-up in Kingston in a breakout over the weekend are still at large, Police Information Centre (PIC) reports. Three policemen on duty at the eastern section of the lock-up from which the men escaped were put on immediate suspension by Commissioner Wilbert Bowes when the breakout became known.

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