1954: Government has decided to set up a board of inquiry to investigate conditions at the Jamaica Government Railway. This decision, taken by the executive council, follows representations, which have been made to Government on behalf of railway workers over the past few months, for wage increases and other improved conditions. Personnel of the board are expected to be announced shortly and it will export its findings to the executive council.


1957: Chief Minister Manley lifts the debate on the 1957-58 estimates back to the high-level economic thinking on a national scale during his hour-and-a-half Budget speech in the House of Representatives. It was a rare performance and the right mood of the House was struck by the Jamaica Labour Party’s Edwin Allen, who moved at the outset that the speaker be allowed to carry through his speech without the customary half-hour interruptions for time extension.


1960: Virtual war on high prices for farm produce to consumers is declared by Allan Isaacs, parliament secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture, in an address to the final meeting of the advisory council on agriculture. The declaration came as Isaacs set out the three principal aims of the new phase of the Farm Development Scheme, to start as of April 1, and emphasised that the most important of the three is to improve efficiency “to bring down high prices and so substantially to reduce the cost of living”.


1961: Hundreds of post office employees in the rural parishes join the strike started by some 700 employees of the General Post Office. The workers on strike include clerical officers, telegraph operators, postal clerks and postmen. There was a complete shutdown of operations in the city and some rural parishes. Post offices not strike-bound were also unable to operate normally because of the strike in the city.


1965: Two boys triumph in the Clarendon and St Catherine parish finals of the 1965 Children’s Own newspaper Spelling Bee. First place victory goes to Trevor Davy, 11-year-old pupil of Clarendon College, who emerged the top speller against 41 other school champions of the parish of Clarendon. In St Catherine, there were 41 school champions assembled for the competition. Twelve-year-old Howard Scott of Watermount School won the parish championship, giving his school its second hold on the trophy.


1968: Two persons are seriously injured and later admitted to the Kingston Public Hospital when a wall collapses on them at Princess Street. Eyewitnesses report that several persons were digging in rubble at 151 Princess Street, one of the buildings which was destroyed by fire earlier in the week. They further report that since the fire, people have been digging in the ruins of the buildings in search of money and other goods. It is while searching for goods that the wall collapsed on the two individuals.

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