1954: Progress is being made with the proposal to erect a clock tower in Charles Square, in commemoration of Her Majesty’s visit to Montego Bay. A resolution was passed by the Parochial Board about this tower last December.


1957: Another milestone in the growth of the Merl Grove High School is marked with the dedication of four new classrooms by the Rt Rev P.W. Gibson, lord bishop of Jamaica. Pride at the accomplishment of the institution and gratitude for the support of its friends is expressed by Miriam Speid, the principal.

1964: Kingston College win the 54th annual inter-schools championships for the third straight year and the 10th time since their entry in 1929. They finished the day with 86 points and a blazing record in the mile relay, the final event of the meet.

1965: In a bid to avert collapse of the West Indian farm labour scheme in the United States, Senator Hugh Shearer, minister without portfolio, leaves for the US for talks with Government and union officials. Meanwhile, Jamaican workers continue to return from farms in Florida.

1965: The All-Island Jamaica Cane Farmers’ Association will take action to protect their interests in the event of strikes among sugar factory workers when cane farmers do not receive 72 hours’ notice of any impending work stoppage.

1969: The water commission announces a new rate structure for the Corporate Area to come into force with effect from April 1, 1969, which will allow consumers to pay on the basis of the actual amount of water consumed.

1972: “Jamaica must gear itself for change … aimed for the creation of a land of social justice,” Michael Manley tells the opening session of Parliament.

1976: The capital of the Bank of Jamaica is to be increased by $2 million to $4 million in accordance with a resolution approved by the House of Representatives at its sitting recently. The first $1 million of the increase will be paid into the bank during the next financial year, 1976/77; and the remaining $1 million in the following year.

1980: The Government announces that it will review its decision to lay off some 800 public sector workers as part of a restructuring and rationalisation exercise. Minister of Labour and the Public Service Howard Cooke writes the Jamaica Civil Service Association stating that although the Government could not make a blanket withdrawal of the dismissal notices already issued, it will reconsider them on humanitarian grounds.

1984: A call is made by the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association for an end to the two-day-old system of auctioning foreign exchange. The Government, according to the JMA., should determine and distribute foreign exchange on a priority basis.

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