1957: “You little mongrel!” Minister of Trade and Industry Wills Isaacs shouted at the Opposition’s Edwin Allen in the course of the minister’s Budget speech in the House of Representatives. As Allen rose to protest, Isaacs continued to shout, “You little down-grow fellow, if I meet you outside, I beat you to a pulp”, while Allen darted outside through Mr Speaker’s office in acceptance of the minister’s challenge. Isaacs started toward the government lobby, but was held by the chief minister, Manley, and House Leader Glasspole. Mr Speaker, on his feet, restored order and Isaacs continued his speech and, after a few minutes, Allen re-entered the House with his arm held aloft by Opposition Deputy Leader Sangster who announced “the winner”.

1963: A mobile dental clinic, West Germany Independence gift to the people of Jamaica arrived on the cargo vessel Cristallina. The unit which cost 10, 000 pounds was unloaded from the vessel at the South Street wharf. A formal presentation will be made later to the Jamaican Government by the West German Ambassador Baron von Mullenheim Rechberg. During Jamaica’s Independence celebrations, last August, West Germany’s officials presented to Jamaica’s Prime Minister, the Hon Sir Alexander Bustamante document signed by the West German Chancellor Dr Konrad Adenauer donated the clinic to the Jamaican people.

1968: Prime Minister Hugh Shearer said that although Jamaicans did not know the shame, and did not suffer from the destruction of human pride and human dignity which came from oppression by one race against another, it should not cause us to be indifferent when other people’s human rights, hopes and ambitions were ruthlessly trampled. The minister made these comments in a message he has issued in connection with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which is being observed throughout the world. The prime minister from his residence, Jamaica House, issued the message.

1970: Jamaica won one singles against The Bahamas and are leading by two sets and 8-8 in the second singles when fading light stopped play on the opening day of the Brandon Trophy Lawn Tennis Championships at the St Andrew Club. Richard Russell made short work of the Bahamian Bertram Knowles in a shade over an hour- 6-3, 6-0, 6-2. The Bahamian No. 1, Leo Rolle, always fighting from behind against a very improved Lance Lumsden, kept the giant Jamaican on the No. 1 court before a large gallery for over two hours with the third set locked at 8-all.

1979: The Office of Prime Minister of Jamaica has announced that Michael Manley is to make an official visit to the Soviet Union. It will be the first visit by a Jamaican prime minister to the Soviet Union. Manley will discuss a wide range of international and bilateral questions with Soviet leaders, including the new international economic order detente developments on Southern Africa developments in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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