1951: Following the lead of the Bustamante Trade Union, the Trades Union Congress agrees to accept the terms of the arbitration offer made by the Sugar Manufacturers’ Association. While no official information on the joint acceptance has yet reached the labour adviser, it is expected that he will be so informed shortly and will take steps to reconvene the conference between the Sugar Manufacturers’ Association and the two unions which ended a week ago in deadlock.


1955: A strike of sugar workers has been called by the National Workers Union (NWU) at New Yarmouth Estate in Clarendon. Workers in the factory, field and power plant are involved. The NWU was carrying out its threat to order “immediate strike action on certain estates” following the end of negotiations with the Sugar Manufacturers’ Association on the question of wage increases for the workers in the 1955 crop.


1959: A decline of almost 50 per cent in the island’s sweet orange exports over the past four years is reported by Colin Russell, manager of the Citrus Growers Association (CGA). To the annual meeting of the area council of eastern branches of the Citrus Growers Association, Russell said that in 1954-55, the island produced 409,000 boxes of oranges, but in 1958-59 crop just ended, the CGA collected only 220,000 boxes.


1967: Three young men brandishing daggers, tie and lock up a housekeeper, then ransack rooms and escape with jewellery and cash valued at over £2,000. The hold-up and robbery are committed 20 yards away from a group of road workers widening a street corner. Irene East, who has been employed for several years at the house of dry goods dealer Wadie Zacca, 5 Fairway Avenue, Kingston 10, is beaten by the men. She is treated at hospital.


1970: The Electoral Office announces that fixed registration centres for Kingston and St Andrew go into operation and will continue in operation until March 21. The operative time period was incorrectly stated through a clerical error as from the 14th to the 16th in a government notice advertised.


1971: The Hon Robert Lightbourne, minister of trade and industry, leaves Jamaica by Pan Caribbean Airways for Miami en route to Brussels. He is to transact business in Brussels in connection with the possibility of Jamaica being offered associated status with the European Economic Community if Britain enters the community. One of the things Lightbourne is to do in Brussels is to install in office there, Frank Francis, who has been named as Jamaica’s ambassador-designate there. Francis accompanies the minister on the trip.

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