1949: By prohibition effective on March 19, the Water Commission has decided to impose water restrictions in the Corporate Area. Reasons given for this decision are the steady drop in storage at Hermitage dam and the yield from other sources not being sufficient to meet the daily demand of over 17 million gallons.


1952: A monopoly for the supply and distribution of fuel for domestic purposes in the Corporate Area is to be sought from central government by the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC). The council of the KSAC, in its monthly meeting, adopts a recommendation made at a joint meeting of the Finance and Estimates Committee and the Trusts Committee that Government should be sounded as to its willingness to give the corporation such a monopoly.

1957: Jamaica will take a further step towards full internal self-government by the end of this year. This momentous announcement is made by the governor, Sir Hugh Foot, in his throne speech at the opening of the spring session of the legislature. The changes proposed by the governor will provide a Cabinet to be called the council of ministers, consisting of 12 persons. Of these 12, eight or nine will be picked from the House of Representatives and a withdrawal of the colonial secretary.

1964: Five Cubans (four men and a woman) land on Bryan’s Bay beach. They were taken into custody by the Port Antonio Police and later transferred to Kingston. The 15-foot motorboat in which they travelled is anchored at the Water Police boathouse.

1968: The House of Representatives passes a bill for the establishment of an Urban Development Corporation after lengthy debate which lasted for the entire sitting. The bill proposed by the minister of finance and planning, the Hon Edward Seaga, is supported in principle by the Opposition, led by Mr Norman Manley, but several aspects of it were questioned and closely examined during the debate. As a result, there were five amendments to the original bill.

1972: Mr Anthony Spaulding is made minister of housing, shortly after he was named winner in the magisterial recount of votes for the South St Andrew constituency. He will be sworn in at King’s House as the 18th member of the Cabinet in the new administration. Resident Magistrate Mr G. Vanderpump presided at the recount, which was spread over four days in the Half-Way Tree Court.

1977: A new drive to recruit volunteers for a restructured Home Guard, which will be “a strong, disciplined and effective element in the total struggle against crime and violence”, is announced in a nationwide broadcast by Prime Minister Michael Manley. Mr Manley also announces that the home guard will now come under the direct control and supervision of the police force, with a commander at the rank of superintendent. The army will be responsible for weapons training, with the police retaining responsibility for all other aspects.

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