1956: The Public Relations Department of the Chief Minister’s Office announces that a fertiliser subsidy scheme will be run in conjunction with the Farm Development Scheme, costing 45,000 pounds altogether. It is set to run for four and a half years. The purpose of the subsidy scheme will be to demonstrate to farmers in the project areas of the Farm Development Scheme how the proper use of artificial manures can bring higher and more profitable yields. The 14 bridgehead areas, in which the farm development scheme was started off, will be the first to enjoy the benefits of this fertiliser scheme, but as experience is gained, these benefits will be extended to other areas.


1959: The island’s largest single corn plantation is being planted on the plains of south St Elizabeth by the Kaiser Bauxite Company. The plantation covers more than 200 acres of the Southampton property and over 50 people have been employed since January. The Kaiser decided to convert the property into a plantation in keeping with the Government’s policy to increase the quantity of land available from agricultural production and bring about a higher productivity of the soil. This investment is expected to give at least 2,000 more tons of corn for the island’s requirement.

1961: The governor of the Bank of Jamaica, S.W. Payton, leaves by BWIA for Port of Spain on a business visit. He will be away for five days and will have talks with the federal minister of finance, Robert Bradshaw, and other officials. He returns to Jamaica on March 18.

1962: Premier Norman Manley heads the list of100 guests who attend the cocktail party given by the United Kingdom Trade Commissioner Bernard Pennock and Mrs. Pennock at their beautiful home ‘Shallmar’ in honour of the visiting United Kingdom Trade Mission.

1967: Two jurors, Clarence Wilmot and Hubert Lawrence, are each fined £5 by Justice Parnell (acting) in the number-two Home Circuit Court for not attending court. The judge imposes the fines subject to any explanation put before him as to why they were absent. If the explanations are not satisfactory, the judge says the fines will have to be paid.

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