1953: Members of the House of Representatives are officially informed of changes in the ministry, following the death of Sir Harold Allan, make new appointments to chairmanship of the House Committees, consequent on these changes, and move to refer to these committees several of the Private Members’ Motions on the Order Paper.


1959: The Mona Reservoir is not yet completely watertight and a systematic survey is now being made of the entire bottom of the reservoir with a view to discerning any further holes from which water can be escaping. A release from the Water Commission states that from all indications there is reason to believe that no leakage is taking place through the work on the embankment or the Long Mountain slope.


1960: Two new mayors are elected in the leadership of the parish councils as the annual election of chairmen and vice-chairmen takes place in twelve parishes. Dr Herbert Morrison, MLC, replaces Mr Willie Vernon as mayor of Montego Bay and chairman of the PNP-dominated St James Parish Council. Mr Roy McNeil, solicitor of Linstead, became mayor of Spanish Town and chairman of the JLP-dominated St Catherine Parish Council, replacing Dr L. C. Leslie.


1967: A bus of the Western Flyer transport fleet, plying between Kingston and Spanish Town is destroyed by fire at Thompson Pen, along the Spanish Town Road. An electrical short circuit is believed to be the cause. There were no casualties. The 30-odd passengers and bus crew escaped injury by running through the doors and jumping out of the windows.


1968: Participation by Jamaica and Jamaicans in the Olympic Games in Mexico City is opposed by the People’s National Party, meeting in a conference at Excelsior School in Kingston. Following a personal declaration by the party president, Mr Norman Manley, against Jamaica taking part in the Games along with South Africa, the meeting passed a resolution giving expression to this view. He said it was a question of reciprocity. Just as a mixed team could not go to play in South Africa, so a team from South Africa should not be permitted to play outside their country against teams which could not compete on terms of equality with South Africans in South Africa.


1976: JLP Senator Mrs. Esme Grant has tendered her resignation from the Senate to the Governor General, an announcement from JLP Headquarters says. Mrs. Grant tendered her resignation after discussions with the Opposition Leader Mr. Edward Seaga. She has recently been experiencing illness and has indicated that she will not be in a position to give full and effective service to the Senate together with her other responsibilities.


1982: Mr Justice Patterson discharges the jury in the double-murder trial of Alwyn Meeks, 41-year-old electrician of 1 Lanair Close, Kingston. The judge was informed that a member of the jury was seen talking to the relatives of one of the deceased. Meeks, who is charged with murdering his wife and her friend, is remanded in custody to appear in the Home Circuit Court on April 2, when his case will be traversed to the next session.

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