1951: Proposals go to the House of Representatives envisaging a possible expenditure of £1,000,000 at some early date to provide the island with adequate airport facilities, but asking in the meantime for approval of the expenditure of £100,000 to meet engineering surveys and plans to equip the Montego Bay Airport to take care of air-traffic requirements until a decision can be taken on the future plans. This as Government is faced with the major problem of providing Jamaica with adequate civil-aviation facilities in order that the island can qualify for trunk-route operations. 


1955: The sugar estate at Serge Island estate in St. Thomas is being run with a full complement of workers grinding canes, delivered mostly by farmers in spite of the strike now in progress at the estate. Only 26 cane cutters are working on the farms of the estate property, 18 at Serge Island and eight at Coley. Nearly 200 cane cutters and hundred others who work there, were either on strike or rendered idle by the strike. 


1958: Pandemonium breaks out at Sabina Park on the fourth day of the third test between West Indies and Pakistan after 21 year old Barbadian Garfield Sobers beats Sir Leonard Hutton’s Test record score of 364 by scoring 365 not out. The strange display by a section of the record crowd of 20,000 that watched the day’s play brought an abrupt ending to the day’s play 55 minutes before the scheduled close. 


1959: Sir Robert Howard Furness, chief justice of Jamaica from 1936 to 1944, who died in the Mandeville Nursing Home at the age of 79, is buried in the Mandeville Cemetery. Sir Robert was born on February 10, 1880 and educated at King William’s College. 


1966: Government, as well as private individuals and organisations, has made massive preparations for the arrival of the Queen to Jamaica. Queen Elizabeth will be making her first visit to Jamaica since Independence. Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and members of the Royal House will accompany her. She will be here to end a Caribbean tour, which began on February 4. 


1970: As the student occupation of UWI’s Creative Arts Centre entered its second week, Vice-Chancellor Professor O. Roy Marshall rejects students’ appeal for concessions. In response the students have given him until 8 p.m. to make the concessions. The University, through its solicitors, Messrs Manton and Hart, appeared before Chief Justice Sir Herbert Duffus to seek an injunction enjoining the occupiers of the Arts Centre from further occupation. The injunction was granted. However, the bailiff who went to serve the injunction papers was ousted by the occupiers who told him the people he wanted were not there. 


1985: A major price hike for banana is announced as a new company took control of the industry in what the minister of agriculture says is the final plank in the restructuring exercise. The new body, the Banana Export Company (BECO), established to replace the Banana Company of Jamaica, has set a target to increase production to 150,000 tonnes of “high-quality fruit” to be shipped to the United Kingdom within five years, the minister, the Hon. Percy Broderick said. 

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