1949: The Hon W. A. Bustamante has already broken the record for the longest speech in the House of Representatives. He occupies his second full day of speech-making in the House of Representatives, as the debate on the 1949-50 budget continues. The party leader hits out at critics of the Government, both in and out of the House.

1955: A knighthood comes to Jamaica in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Her Majesty recognises the service given to Jamaica for the past 15 years by Mr William Alexander Bustamante and elevates him to the rank of Knight Bachelor. When the news broke, it took the island by surprise. He headed Jamaica’s first Government in the House of Representatives under the new Constitution granted to the island in 1944.

1958: Two thousand spectators Jam Palm Club in San Fernando and cheer themselves hoarse as Jamaica defeat Barbados 9-0 to win the West Indies Table Tennis Team Championship. The final two games, between Glen Mitchell and Rawle Phillips, and Fernando Roberts and Roderick Miller, are conceded to Jamaica.

1963: The Minister of Trade and Industry, the Hon Robert Lightbourne, announces the appointment of the director of tourism. He is 36-year-old Mr John Pringle, a former manager of the Round Hill Hotel in Montego Bay, who tells a press conference, when he was introduced by the minister, that he had severed, on his own insistence, all financial connections with the hotel industry in Jamaica.

1972: An outlet for the 10,000 tons of Irish potatoes, which is estimated will be surplus to consumption requirements out of the crop now being reaped, is being found in the sister territories of the Caribbean Free Trade Association.

1975: Ministries of the oil exporters’ cartel today agree in principle to convert their price structure from a dollar base to the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights. The agreement, despite some initial disagreement from Iran and Saudi Arabia, came after a three-hour meeting behind closed doors on the first day of the 44th ministerial conference of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

1981: Deputy Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Hugh Shearer, tells the House of Representatives that the Government will not yield to any arrangements concerning a settlement of the public sector wage dispute which would result in the loss of some 10,000 jobs.

1986: The Hon Winston Valentine Parnell, OD, custos of Trelawny, is sworn in as deputy governor general for the fifth time. He will act as governor general during the absence from the island of Sir Florizel Glasspole. Mr Parnell is the senior custos in the island, serving in the office from 1959, before Jamaica gained


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