1953: A new customs tariff based on the Standard International Trade Classification, to replace the present customs tariff, which is prepared on the basis of the minimum list classification is being drafted and studied by commercial and business interests. The new tariff envisages no general amendment to the existing rates of duty.

1957: Merl Grove High School do the unexpected when they defeat Camperdown 17-7 in a Secondary School Girls’ Softball League game at the Penitentiary Staff Club. As a result of their victory, Merl Grove now occupy the league leadership with Camperdown and Buxton.

1963: West Indies are well on their way to winning the first test match when play ends at Old Trafford, Manchester, on the third day. England are fighting bravely after they are made to follow on 296 runs behind. Close of play scores are West Indies 501 for six wickets declared; England 205, still needing 199 to avoid an innings defeat.

1969: The minister of trade and industry, Robert Lightbourne, has again defended the protectionist and import-restriction policies of the Government and also reveals that when he embarked on the policies in 1962, he did not consult his Cabinet colleagues.

1973: The House of Representatives approves a bill establishing the Workers Savings and Loans Bank, the first wholly owned Jamaican bank. It will take over the assets and liabilities of the century-old Government Savings Bank. The minister of finance, David Coore, piloted the bill.

1976: The House of Representatives votes approval of local government reform proposals designed to give greater autonomy to the KSAC and other parish councils. The principles of reform having been approved, an implementation committee is to be established to work out details of the transformation of the local government system.

1983: The Government has spent more some $20 million on infrastructural inputs in the development of Hellshire Bay township, St Catherine, Prime Minister Edward Seaga discloses. He is speaking at a ceremony at which he officially opens model units of the Hellshire Heights Housing Co-operative. The money was spent over the last two years, putting in 25 miles of road, water tanks and sewage system, along with other infrastructural necessities.

1983: The country’s electricity-generating capacity is to be boosted by a “40-megawatt barge-mounted power plant” from Japan within the next two years if present negotiations for a $77,260,700 loan from that country for the purchase of the barge are successful.

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