1961: Harbour View residents should have their telephones by the middle of this month, says C.R. Dickenson, chief engineer of the Jamaica Telephone Co Ltd, while adressing complaints made by the area’s citizens’ association regarding the delay in installing subscriber connection, and explaining that there had been a hold-up with the joining of sleeves, but this was now remedied with the arrival of the fresh supplies from England.

1966: Jamaica’s acting Prime Minister Donald Sangster tells a conference of Caribbean heads of government that the merging of the Caribbean territories was inevitable. The conference which is opened by Barbados’ governor Sir John Stow, was called by Caribbean heads to prepare a united front for Canada-West Indies trade talks scheduled to take place in Ottawa next month.


1972: Corporate Area commuters will again be denied their usual form of transport today as the Minister of Labour and Employment tries to resolve the dispute between Jamaica Omnibus Services Limited and the joint bargaining agents of the company’s workers – the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union and National Workers Union.

1976: Moves are being made by the Jamaica Tourist Board to streamline its operations in the United States, with a view to improving machinery in that country. Stuart Sharpe, a former director of tourism, who now has his own travel organisation in the United States, has been encouraged to take over the management of the board’s North East Region – the most important of the markets from which Jamaica gets its visitors.

1983: Jamaica’s Tax Collection System is to be upgraded with a US Agency for International Development Mission to Jamaica (USAID) loan of US$3.5 million (J$6.35 million) matched by an input of J$2.6 million from the Jamaican Government. Signed at Jamaica House by Prime Minister Edward Seaga, and Lewis P. Reade, director of the USAID, the agreement allows for funds to finance the foreign-exchange costs of the commodities, technical services and training involved in a project of the Board of Revenue to reform and improve the Jamaican tax system.

1988: Residents are unhappy about plans by a politician to set up a cemetery in the heart of a residential community in Manchester, Stafford Haughton, MP for North West Manchester, reveals. The Manchester Parish Council says he had given approval for eight cemeteries to be established on 18 acres of land in Upper Greenvate, about two and a half miles from Mandeville.

1990: Jamaican Olympic sprint great, Donald Quarrie, is taking Teddy McCook, the president of the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association to court over the runner’s omission from Jamaica’s team to the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

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