1939: Kingston Senior School beat Mico in a cricket fixture of the Matcham Cup Competition. Mico batted first, scoring 28 runs. Their opponents amass 40 at the close
of play.

1947: Seven hundred thousand persons will be eligible to vote in the coming parochial general elections – approximately 60,000 more than were eligible in the general election for the House of Representatives. Up to the present time, it is difficult to predict just when the elections will take place, but the Central Bureau of Statistics has been gearing its machines so that the big event will come off within the time limit specified by law – December this year.

1961: C.R. Harrison, one of Jamaica’s grand old men of cricket, dies after a short illness at the age of 70. Harrison was a great cricket enthusiast and benefactor and was celebrated as the donor of cricket bats to the performers in intercolonial and international matches played in Jamaica. He was a pioneer in Jamaican sports goods business and operated the firm of C.R. Harrison and Company, which was later amalgamated with Cecil B. Facey. He remained manager of Facey’s Sports Department until he retired two years ago.

1979: Michelle Brown, 13-year-old free place student of Wolmer’s Girls’ School, is the winner of a set of four Tell Me Why books awarded by the Groilier Society of New York, USA, through the Daily Gleaner ‘Tell Me Why’ column. Brown, who lives with her mother, Vivienne Williams, at 3 Leaneral Street, Rollington Town, Kingston, won the prize for her question, “How old is the Earth?”

1985: A new 58.3 million-export development programme for Jamaica is agreed on in Hong Kong with four companies as a result of a visit there by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Hugh Shearer.

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