1938: A disorderly section of a large crowd of over 1,000 persons breaks up a meeting being held by Alexander Bustamante on the cricket grounds. For over a quarter of an hour, the crowd jeers, boos, shouts and refuses to listen until Mr A.G. S. Coombs, present, persuades them to stop.

1941: Proposals are shortly to be placed before the Legislative Council for the provision of about £150,000 for the erection of new government warehouses to store surplus of rum. It is of the understanding that the Government now decides to proceed with this work, but it is not known exactly how it is to be financed.

1944: Basic petrol rations for private motor cars will come into force, and the Transport Authorities report that they are well abreast of the great volume of applications which have come in from motorists whose cars have been off the roads for many months.

1949: Final legislative sanction to the bill providing for the institution of a scheme for coconut insurance is expected to be given when the Legislative Council meets at Headquarters House at 2:30 o’clock.

1953: An export total of 10,000,000 bunches of bananas for 1953 is envisaged for the island. “If God is kind, and we have no hurricane, and if growers spray regularly,” Mr R.F. Williams, chairman of the All Island Banana Growers’ Association, makes this forecast in his report to the annual general meeting of the association at Ramison Mall.

1957: Chief Minister Norman Manley leaves Jamaica to attend discussions opening in London on July 10, relative to the request from the West Indies that Chaguaramas, the American airbase in Trinidad, be surrendered by the government of the United States to become the site for the Capital of the West Indies Federation.

1965: Interested persons who have studied the plan fear that the proposed Kingston development plan prepared by the Town Planning Department may prove a brake rather than a spur to the development of the nation’s
capital city.

1969: Bespectacled, left-handed batsman Clive Lloyd, in a whirlwind innings late in the afternoon, puts the West Indies back in the box seats on the fourth day of the second Test against England.

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