1940: Three Jamaican fishermen are being awarded the Medal of the Order of the British Empire for a display of courage that earns for them, as well the respect and esteem of all their countrymen. They are: William Leslie, Elkanah Williams and Ronald Seivwright. Dry Harbour in St Ann, is the scene of their gallantry. The men are awarded for the meritorious service and courage displayed on November 8, 1939, when, at the risk of their own lives, they rescued Ronald Johnson from drowning in a heavy sea.


1944: An advertisement states, “Here’s to the Press! Make up your party NOW for the FIRST ANNIVERSARY BALL Of THE JAMAICA PRESS ASSOCIATION At SPRINGFIELD SATURDAY, JULY 1 A Night of Fun and Merriment with members Of the Press.”


1949: An application is made to the Kingston & St Andrew Corporation. If approved, a wharf is to be built at 14-22 Harbour Street – premises owned by Mr Ivan B. Fraser, city businessman. First, the application will have to be considered by Central Government and then passed on to the corporation for final decision. It is Mr Fraser’s intention to construct a pier over 400 feet long, to cost several thousand pounds.


1953: The matter of profit margins on motor vehicle parts is now under consideration by the ministry. Meanwhile, Alexander Bustamante, chief minister, is communicating with the chairman of the Motor Vehicle Prices Committee, Mr Edwin Allen, requesting him and the members of the committee to consider and make recommendations on the margins of profit between wholesaler and retailer.

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