1955: A recommendation is to be forwarded to Government that two-bedroom teachers’ cottages be built at smaller schools in the current school-building programme. The Education Authority will make the recommendation. Under the old teachers’ cottages building programme, the Education Department had built three-bedroom cottages at all schools irrespective of the size of the schools.

1959: A whirlwind with forces estimated at about 50 miles per hour passes through the town, shortly before 4 o’clock this afternoon, twisting trees, blowing down fences and shattering windows. It lasts for five minutes and brings traffic to a temporary halt.

1960: An extension of the agreement between the Jamaica Government and the United States’ International Cooperation Administration, (ICA) is to be signed today, in the Premier’s Office. Mr Michael Manley will be a signatory. Under terms of the agreement, ICA will continue to furnish technical aid to Jamaica in various fields in which it now operates, and in any additional field which may be operated later.

1965: John P. Gyles, minister of agriculture, challenges credit unions to double their membership in the next year so that more people can benefit from the services they offer. “Credit unions have proven themselves in Jamaica now”, he tells a cheering audience attending the 25th annual convention of the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League.

1970: An experimental school-bus service in certain areas of the Corporate Area by the Jamaica Omnibus Service is scheduled to start for the Christmas school term. It is announced at a meeting of the Public Utilities Liaison Committee of the KSAC on Wednesday. The new school term starts in September but the date of the school-bus service has not been finalised.

1975: The Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) conference on Constitutional Amendments will take place at Mico College, commencing at 10 a.m. But all is not well in the JTA, as another body of the association – The Teachers for a Democratic JTA – is calling on the president and central executive of the JTA to postpone the conference.

1985: Caribbean Common Market trade ministers begin a two-day meeting here, that will lay the ground work for the perhaps the most controversial item on the agenda of next week’s CARICOM Heads of Government summit – continuing obstacles to reviving trade among the 12 member countries.

1985: Ontario’s first-ever black Cabinet minister, 45-year-old Jamaican Alvin Curling, is given the Housing portfolio; and swears into office with Premier David Peterson’s Liberal Party Cabinet. He defeated Carole Noble by over 80,000 votes.

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