1970: Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries John P. Gyles, at the ministry does a Formal launching of the committee, which has been appointed to make recommendations to improve the investment climate in agriculture with specific regard to labour problems.

1970: An announcement that the Self-Supporting Loan Development Project is being widened this financial year to include 870 farmers is made in the House of Representatives by the minister of rural Development, W.G. McLaren.

1974: Caribbean health ministers are recommending an epidemiological surveillance centre in Trinidad and a drug-testing laboratory in Jamaica for regional use.

1977: Jamaica Merchant Marine Limited (JMM) and the Jamaica Banana Producers Association (JBPA) have merged their shipping interests and have now formed a new company known as JMM Atlantic Line Limited.

1981: The House of Representatives amends regulations under the National Housing Trust Act substituting two per cent of emoluments for 40 cents per week for workers earning the minimum wage. The Hon Basil Buck, Minister of State in the Ministry of Mining and Energy, is introducing the motion.

1986: Jamaica’s sugar production is in danger of not meeting the target set at the beginning of the season; and indications are that the country may have to import sugar to meet the demand of the local
market this year. Due to the recent heavy rains which the island suffered earlier this month and which flooded the cane fields, the sucrose content of the cane has been reduced.

1986: A new global debt organisation should be established to deal with the financial crisis facing the Third World, former Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley tells the Socialist International Congress here. Manley says the organisation’s decisions should reflect a balance between creditors and debtors.

1992: Kingston celebrates 300 years of existence this year. Kingston has survived a major earthquake, which literally flattened the city in 1907, two major fires and the horrible cholera outbreak of 1850, which took thousands of lives.

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