1942: Bracing for a major crisis in transport, the Transport (defence) Board is taking two drastic actions to conserve gasolene and to arrange for possible animal-drawn transport to keep the island’s supply system going. The board announces curtailment of motor omnibus services, while the railway authorities advertise similar curtailment of their petrol-driven transport.

1946: So far as the BITU are concerned, they intend to fight the Shippers’ Association so as to bring about a decision which will be considered favourable to them. Officeres and delegates of the union make this decision to The Gleaner. “We are determined to see that justice is meted out to the portworkers of our union,” declared a spokesman of the union.

1950: Government anticipates that it will be possible for the Central Housing Authority to offer, before the end of July, tenancy terms at Cockburn Pen, or accommodation at Majesty Pen, to each of the squatters at Kingston Pen, Trench Town, Dung Hill and the Rum Stores.

1954: Alexander Bustamante, chief minister, called upon the official members of the Government to issue a statement on the question of the controversial decision taken in executive council for the banning of textile imports for a period. Bustamante said he wants the matter cleared up and the misconceptions banished, and the truth known.

1955: J.E. Clare McFarlane, president of the Poetry League of Jamaica, is expressing surprise that “University professors are attempting to manufacture a Caribbean language in the laboratory”. McFarlane was referring to efforts recently made public, on the part of certain members of the staff of the University College of the West Indies, to study Caribbean dialects with a view of giving them language status.

1963: The St Catherine Parish Council is considering the installation of traffic lights for one of the busy sections of the town. Councillor Simon Lawrence says he has been pressing for street lights at the intersection of Wellington Street and Cumberland Road for more than a year. He hopes the lights will be installed in time for the independence celebrations.

1969: The Minister of Trade and Industry, Robert Lightbourne, announces that a law is being drafted which would seek to adjust internal transport so that taxi men, particularly in the tourist industry, could operate minibuses.

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