1939: Iris Collins of Cambridge is elected as a member of the St James Parochial Board.

1945: Rev Fr Denis Cruchley, SJ, who has just been appointed headmaster of St George’s College Winchester Park, leaves the island by plane for the United States of America, where he will take the opportunity of looking over some of the leading Roman Catholic seminaries with a view of gaining information in connection with his new duties.

1948: J.Z. Malcolm, member of the House of Representatives for Hanover (eastern) is nominated to be provisional minister in the Executive Council during the absence of W.A. Bustamante, party leader, who leaves the island soon for holiday in England.

1951: Governor Sir Hugh Foot and Lady Foot will visit the lower White River hydroelectric development plant while on their tour of St Ann.

1951: The House of Representatives accepts a change in the airport regulations for the name of the airport in Montego Bay to be Montego Bay Airport instead of Chatham.

1952: A Bill is introduced in the House to increase the maximum strength at which rum may be distilled to 150 per cent proof spirit. The definition of rum in the Excise Duty Law requires rum to be distilled at strength of 150 per cent proof spirit, but during the process of distillation, the strength reaches above this level, hence the proposed amendment.

1957: Michael G. Cooke of Jamaica, British West Indies, a member of the Yale University class of 1957, has been awarded the Academy of American Poets Prize for his creative work in the field of poetry. The Academy of American Poets Prize is awarded to an undergraduate for the best poems or group of poems. It is made possible by a bequest from the late Mary Cummings Eudy, a former member of the Academy of American Poets.

1965: “No man is an island.” These are the words from a sermon by John Donne, 16th-century dean of St Paul’s, which constitute one of the main themes of the sermon being delivered by the Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, Nobel Prize winner and prominent US civil rights leader at a valedictory service for students of the University of the West Indies in the Assembly Hall. Dr King broke a busy schedule in the US to keep this engagement at the University of the West Indies.


1966: At least one man is shot by police as mob violence flares again at the Foreshore Road Shanty town in West Kingston. A teenage schoolgirl is admitted to the Kingston Public Hospital with severe burns and two other persons are also being treated for burns. This is as a result of gunmen evading police parties and storms along Spanish Town Road.

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