1950: The programme of work for bauxite mining in St. Ann is announced by Reynolds Jamaica Mines Ltd., after the Bauxite and Alumina Industries Bill is passed by the Legislative Council. The Bill had previously received unanimous approval on May 23 by the House of Representatives. Mr. Walter L. Rice, president of Reynolds Jamaica Mines, Ltd. states that the enactment of this Bill and the issuance of Executive orders contemplated by the Bill, which it is hoped will be approved by Executive Council within the next week, will enable his company to proceed with the development of Jamaica Bauxite deposits in the parish of St .Ann.

1954: Jamaica’s beleaguered products – citrus, bananas, sugar and rum – no longer face any immediate crisis. By control of foreign competitors, by deficiency payments, if necessary, the United Kingdom Government will see that no harm comes to Jamaican products and to the West Indies, in the case of citrus particularly. This is the gist of an announcement of Secretary of State Oliver Lyttalton.

1958: A further advance towards development of a local money market to assist in mobilising all available resources for the economic development of Jamaica is announced by the Department of Finance. Mr E.T. Nevin, announces that the public will be able to buy or sell Jamaica Treasury Bills on demand to local brokers.

1962: The flag of the Royal Hampshire Regiment is slowly lowered towards the ground and in its place, rises the West India Regiment flag, winding its way slowly to the top of the flag post, signifying the departure of the British Garrison from Jamaica after 250 years. They are given a warm farewell. The crowd attending the Queen’s Birthday Military Parade at the Polo Grounds, Up Park Camp stands in rapt attention as the Royal Hampshire soldiers slowly disappear at the northern end of the grounds.

1966: A masterly innings of 135 by Conrad Hunte and an unbeaten 83 by Gary Sobers, the captain, gives the West Indies cricketers a splendid start to the 1968 Test series against England at Old Trafford. At the close, the free hitting West Indians, at one time 42 for two wickets , were 343 for five. Three years ago, Hunte scored 182 on the same grounds in the corresponding match which led the way for Sir Frank Worrell’s team to win the rubber.

1966: Some 7,000 teachers across Jamaica in nearly all the Island’s 800-odd schools shun the classrooms, the first day of a three-day strike which is being called by the Jamaica Teachers’ Association. The strike is in protest of Clauses 35 and 36 of the new Education Code which empowers the minister of education to confirm or refuse to confirm appointments of teachers. With the exception of a small number of schools, teaching staff did not report to work at all.

1989: The management of Century National Bank, represented by Mr. Don Crawford, managing director, appears to have won the struggle for control, following the recent transfer of about $9.4 million worth of shares owned by Lival Investments, a subsidiary of Island Life Insurance Company.

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