1944: The shortage of truck tyres is becoming so acute that work on the Palisadoes is being suspended by the Public Works Department. Hon P. Martin Cooper, director of public works and competent authority for transport makes this announcement. He announces that work which is being carried out at the Palisadoes is receiving a serious setback on account of the shortage of truck tyres and the Transport Board being unable to supply truck owners, who do haulage, with new tyres.

1950: The morning paper is in time for breakfast at Montego Bay, as a new and faster delivery service has been placed into operation. The town is pleasantly surprised. The first customer, Ms Lens Levy, receives her paper from the chief vendor. Present were Mrs L. Hurge, circulation manager, and Mr G. A. Sherman, who initiated the ceremony.

1950: The Central Housing Authority is submitting to the Government a scheme designed to meet the needs of squatters in West Kingston, who, it is thought, given security tenure, would endeavour to construct houses to some specified minimum standard and, thereafter, to maintain their holdings in good condition and
possibly to develop them.

1955: Boys’ Town will mark, this year, another record in their impressive list of achievements when candidates from the centre will sit for the Jamaica Local Examination. The Rev Hugh Sherlock, the director, discloses this. He goes on to praise all those agencies and persons who had, during the 15 years of its existence, helped Boys’ Town on the progressive path.

1965: Another warning that Jamaica expects to be fairly treated by the United States in the matter of trade is given by Minister of Trade and Industry Robert Lightbourne. “We are a proud country; we don’t want to be treated like anybody’s poor relation. We don’t want to become the recipients of handouts from anyone,” he discloses to the applause of an audience of Jamaicans and non-Jamaicans alike, at Palisadoes Airport. Mr Lightbourne is speaking at the formal function marking the inauguration of Pan-American Airways’ new jet cargo service, which starts today, providing new trade opportunities between this country and the United States.

1969: The number of hotel beds in Jamaica is to be increased by about 10,000, and in all there will be some 20, 000 beds available for visitors to the island, Director of Tourism Stuart Sharpe discloses. The projected number was the target set covering a three-year period. The beds are to be located in hotels in Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio as well as other areas.

1983: The new official list of electors with identification cards is expected to be completed very soon and the enumeration exercise is scheduled to commence within the next four weeks Minister of Labour and the Public Service J.A.G Smith declares.

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