1948: “I give it as my well considered opinion that if an expert and impartial commission is set up to enquire into the expenditure of the Corporation in all its forms, it will be discovered that between £25,000 and £30,000 has been robbed from this municipality in the most shame less and brutal fashion”, Councillor Wills O. Isaacs declares as he charged “graft” and “corruption” in the Engineering Department of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation.

1952: “You are the most stupid member in this House,” Allan Coombs, PNP member for North West St James, tells Edwin Allen in the House of Representatives. Immediately after, he is suspended for a month for disobeying the speaker’s order to withdraw the remark. Motion for Coombs’ suspension is initiated by Fred Evans of Eastern Westmoreland, himself the most- often suspended member of the House, and seconded by Leslie Rose of South East St Catherine, who was also mover and seconder of the motion (the Garvey-Smith birthdates holidays) on which Allen was then addressing the House.

1958: A finance mission headed by the minister of finance leaves Jamaica for New York to make final arrangements for the first-ever British West Indian loan to be floated on the American financial market. The mission, comprised of Noel Nethersole, minister of finance; Ewart Forrest, acting attorney general; and Edgerton Richardson, financial secretary, will leave by BOAC plane and will be in conferences in New York for the rest of the week.

1966: Long-term plans for the rehabilitation of the homeless people of Western Kingston will be discussed as the clergy meets at Church House with the Rt Rev Cyril Swaby, Suffragan Bishop of Kingston, as chairman acting for the Rt Rev P W Gibson, Anglican Bishop of Jamaica who is indisposed. Interested organisations, it is hoped, will join with the church “in implementing a plan of material, social and moral rehabilitation”, which it is confidently expected will have the Government’s backing.

1967: Creation wins a thrilling Jamaica Derby, and never before have so many people backed a winner at Caymanas Park. Never too has so many people watched the derby. Tension before the start was tightrope-taut, more so because the nine runners were in the gates for four minutes waiting for the off, which had been put back 10 minutes to give everybody a chance to place their bets at the snowed-under booths.

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