1952: The United Port Workers’ Union (UPWU) decides to affiliate with the People’s National Party-sponsored National Workers’ Union (NWU). Mr N.N. Nethersole, president of the NWU, is elected UPWU nominee on the proposed Joint Industrial Council. Declaring that the UPWU has “driven another nail in the coffin of the upstart TUC”, Mr Seymour Warner, president of the UPWU, says that with the assistance of the NWU the TUC (Trade Union Congress) will be “pursued to its death on the waterfront”.

1955: Jamaica’s 4-H Club team to the Royal Agricultural Show at Epping Forest in the United Kingdom this year further creates history by winning the Daily Mail Gold Cup for the International Stock judging contest. The cup is the championship award of the competition. The team is comprised of Victor Romans and Desmond Anderson, from the St James 4-H Clubs group; Fredrick Hayles from Clarendon, and Constantine Dunn-Williamson from St Catherine.

1956: The first reading was given in the Legislative Council to thirteen Bills sent up from the House of Representatives. They included Bills providing for increased licence duties on motor vehicles, the regulation of veterinary surgeons, registration of veterinary surgeons, exemption from income tax of international business companies not trading locally, a unified service for parish councils, and the setting up of a service commission for the constabulary force.

1960: A three-way bid starts by the Sugar Manufacturers’ Association to secure for this island, and for the West Indies as a whole, a quota to supply sugar to the United States, following a cut of 700,000 tons in Cuba’s sugar quota to America. One bid is a request to the Jamaican government, asking that appropriate diplomatic action be taken at once so that suitable representations are made urgently to London and to Washington in the interest of an allocation.

1966: The Hon Donald Sangster, acting prime minister of Jamaica, replies to Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson’s opening speech at the Commonwealth Caribbean Canada Conference on behalf of the heads of government of the 13 Common-wealth countries attending the conference. The conference, which is held in closed sessions in the Confederation Room of the west block of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, July 6-8, will deal with a wide range of topics such as revision of the 1925 West Indies-Canada trade agreement, immi-gration, and Canadian development aid to the region.

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