1934: Raby Danvers ‘Danny’ Williams is born in St. Andrew, the son of Leonard and Verna Williams.


1942: Kingsley Sangster is born in Williamsfield, St. Elizabeth, the son of Leah and Noel Sangster.

1947: Rachel Manley, daughter of Michael Manley the younger son of PNP President Norman Manley, and his wife, Jacqueline Verity, is born in England.

1948: A daughter is born to Sissy and Neil Casserly of Port Antonio, Portland.

1951: Bunny Grant, former lightweight and present welter- weight champion of Jamaica, defeats Gerald Gray, in a unanimous decision in a 15-round title engagement to take the welterweight crown.


1953: Twelve female employees of the Industrial Development Corporation write complaining about the conditions of work and ask for these to be improved. The response from Managing Director Robert Lightbourne is letters to each giving them two weeks notice of dismissal. Good sense subsequently prevails and these are subsequently withdrawn.


1955: KSAC Councillor L.G. Newland gives notice that at the next meeting of the corporation he will move that names Parochial Board and Member of the Parochial Board be changed “in keeping with our political advancement to Parish Councils and Parish Councillors.”


1956: Three headmasters of elementary schools are granted scholarships to study vocational agriculture in the U.S.A. They are William Charlton of the Huntley School near Maidstone in Hanover, Clement McBean of the Albert Town School, Trelawny, and Glen Gayle of the Thompson Town School, Clarendon. They will undertake a year’s study at Pennsylvania State College at Altoona.


1957: Barbara Hylton, who is now a cabaret singer in London appears on the BBC radio programme, Calling the Caribbean. Barbara Hylton was a well-known model in Jamaica before migrating to England.

1972: Marcia, néé McDonald, and Leighton Kennedy enjoy “the gift of a son” who is born at the Nuttall Memorial Hospital, Caledonia Avenue, Cross Roads, St. Andrew.

1973: A man passes a note to a teller at Barclays Bank at 77 King Street, in which he orders her to pass over the money in her till to him, or else he will shoot her. Cool, calm and collected, she politely refers him to the next teller and calls to the other customer waiting in line, “Next, please.” The man quickly leaves the bank.

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