1950: The spotlight is thrown on Kingswood Films in the Legislative Council when answers are given by the colonial secretary to questions asked by R. L. M. Kirkwood. To the question of what concessions Government has made to the Kingswood Films company, it was told that the exercise of the powers conferred by Section 3 of the Motion Picture Industry (Encouragement) Law of 1948, the governor in executive council made an order on the 10th of December, 1948, declaring Kingswood Films Ltd to be a recognised motion-picture producer for a period of 15 years. Once this order is in force, Kingswood Films Ltd is entitled to the concessions provided under this law.

1954: An order nisi brought against Donald Burns Sangster, minister of finance, by the attorney general for contempt of court, is discharged in the Supreme Court. In dismissing the case, the chief justice comments that it is still an accepted principle that ministers of the Crown do not tamper with the administrative justice. And he further emphasises that the Supreme Court has power to punish contempt in any inferior court in the island.

1957: Two colonial development and welfare advisers arrive by air from Trinidad to make a survey of the island’s furniture industry. The purpose of the survey is to ascertain whether or not locally manufactured furniture is of a quality which could be used in the furnishing of the federal offices and the governor general’s residence in Trinidad, the adviser says.

1964: Consumption of water in the area remains steady at about 29 million gallons daily. The secretary of the Water Commission, S. W. Parke, expresses this and further states that pumps and wells were working steadily and that work was continuing satisfactorily on the sinking of the new well at Cavaliers Waterworks.

1969: The PNP majority on the Council of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation passes a resolution moved by Councillor Eli Matalon censuring JLP councillors, Errol Anderson, Everrod Williams and Pearnel Charles for “deliberately issuing false statements in matters affecting the administration of the affairs of the KSAC”. The resolution stemmed from a press conference held by Jamaica Labour Party councillors and dealt with reported statements by the councillors at the Conference on the Improvement Works Programme, the purchasing of garbage vehicles and the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure 1969-70.

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