1952:  A cable goes out to Helsinki from His Excellency the Governor, Sir Hugh Foot after Jamaica’s victory in the 400 metres race at the Olympics. Addressed to Mr Herbert McDonald, manager of the Jamaica team, the governor’s message said: “in this magnificent triumph ‘All’ Jamaica rejoices; please tell our runners that the wonderful news has been received here with the greatest pride and enthusiasm.” Sir Hugh’s cable was the first of many that leave the island, conveying Jamaica’s congratulations to the team and particularly to Rhoden, McKenley and Wint on their achievement.


1955:  A Price Assistance Fund of £2 million pounds to put the Jamaica Banana Industry in a position to meet fair competition from all sources without further Government assistance is the aim of the Five-Year scheme reached in negotiations between a delegation led by Norman Manley Q.C., Chief Minister and the United Kingdom Government. Details of the scheme, involving guarantees of price support by the United Kingdom Government to the limit of £1 million out of the Central Reserve of CD & W Funds and by the Jamaica Government out of General Revenue to the limit of £250,000, were announced in London and Jamaica.


1956:  Mr. Alfred Brown, of 22 Rousseau Road, is wounded in the head and neck by an uninvited guest at the wedding of his sister, which took place at No. 5 Wigton Avenue in St. Andrew. He is treated at the Kingston Public Hospital for a cut over his right eye. His assailant, who is still unknown to the police, reportedly wounded Mr. Brown because he was refused refreshments at the reception.

1960:  Mr. D. C. Tavares M.H.R, General Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party issues a statement which is repudiated by both Sir Alexander Bustamante, leader of the party and Mr. Donald Sangster, deputy leader of the party. Mr Tavares’ statement says that in addition to protesting against the high cost of living and the refusal of Government to fix an early date for the referendum to decide whether Jamaica should remain in the Federation, the Jamaica Labour Party has decided to include the ‘Detention Bill’. This ‘Detention Bill’ which is now being debated in the House of Representatives seeks to give to a minister of government power in certain circumstances to detain any person for a period up to six months without trial before a court of law.

1961: One man drowns; three are missing from a party from Old Harbour they left there late in a fishing boat to visit friends at Sand Hill at the Hellshire Hills south of Port Henderson. Information of the mishap is scanty, as Sand Hill is not easily accessible by road and though the harbour master launch made an attempt to cross to the area after the news was received it was forced to turn back because of rough seas.

1966:  The flags of nine nations flutter side by side at the University of the West Indies as Jamaica officially welcomes sportsmen from all over the world to Kingston for the Commonwealth Games. One by one the flags are unfurled, first the green and orange of little Ceylon, then the red cross of England the blue of Fiji, the dramatic black, red and green of Kenya and the quick succession of flags of Mauritius, Wales, Tanzania, Uganda and South Arabia.

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