1959: The West Indies’ first two-way escalator is currently being installed at Nathan’s on King Street and is expected to be completed within a few weeks. The Gleaner is informed that the costs of this new addition will be about 15,000 (pounds).


1966: Rabbi Bernard Hooker, spiritual Leader of the Jewish Community in Jamaica outlines the Churches’ plan to set up some system to selective process those squatters from west Kingston “who are not rogues” and will be able to take part in community life. He also appeals to all Jamaican to do everything in its power to help the less fortunate in society. He says that if the Jamaican society neglected to act in the present situation, where masses of people are unemployed, illiterate and without proper housing, “it is going to be something which is going to become pretty explosive

1972: Kingston harbour in Jamaica is becoming so heavily polluted that life on the harbour bed may soon no longer exist. Surveys since 1968 show that the abiotic area (where there is no life on the seabed) is increasing, that variety of organisms in the harbour is diminishing and that some of the dominant organisms present thrive on high levels of organic pollution.


1980: Assistant Police Commissioner in charge of the Criminal Investigation Branch Sam McKay, announces that 114 murders were committed in the Corporate Area and St Catherine, between July one and 23. Nineteen of the murders were committed in the Kingston Central Police Division, 15 in Kingston East, 32 in Kingston West; 32 in St. Andrew South; 3 in St. Andrew Central and, 13 in St. Catherine. Mr. McKay also discloses that the Security Forces between May 1 and July 17 seized 141 guns last. There were; 83 revolvers, including seven .357 Magnums; 43 shotguns; 14 pistols and one rifle. Thirty-nine of the weapons were home-made.

1989: Twenty-six nurses at the already limping Kingston Public Hospital are resigning at the end of July and August. Several other nurses who are now on vacation leave are not likely to return to work, sources close to the hospital say. Mr. Rupert Ramcharan, permanent secretary in the Ministry, said it was quite unusual to have such a volume of resignations all at once but that whatever the situation, they will just have to carry on. A contingency plan will have to be put in place.”

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