1952: New ground is broken in the field of industrial labour relations in the island when the first Joint Industrial Council set up to direct employer-worker relations in an industry held its inaugural meeting at the Labour Department. In a message to the Port of Kingston Joint Industrial Council, Governor Sir Hugh Foot KCGM says, if the new system is worked in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding, the workers and employers will benefit.

1955: Foodstuff from the surplus stocks of the United States government at an estimated value of £525,000 will arrive in Jamaica over a period of two years beginning in October this year, if the House of Representatives agrees to a proposal placed before it. The food, 50,000 pounds of butter and 60,000 pounds of cheese monthly, will be used to supplement the present School Children Feeding Programme. Over the two-year period, a total of 1,200,000 pounds of butter and 1,500,000 pounds of cheese would be shipped.

1957: Following a clash between adherents of the People’s National Party and the Jamaica Labour Party at Annotto Bay, 21 persons including 10 women are arrested on charges of wounding, indecent language and stone throwing. Twenty other persons are reported injured in the fracas; 12 were treated at the Annotto Bay Hospital.

1960: Premier Norman Manley says the Detention Powers Bill is designed to protect the state from chaos and rebellion. As a lawyer, Mr Manley says he is himself aware of the importance of the maintenance of civil liberties, and he profoundly sympathised with those persons who were disturbed about the bill, but its principles, he goes on, are the handmaids of orderly society and sought to preserve the right of the individual to live without threat of organised violence.

1965: The Minister of Trade and Industry, Robert Lightbourne, announces that an import restriction of 75% is to be placed on upholstery furniture, which traders might bring into the island. Mr Lightbourne says that, at present, dealers are allowed to bring 50% of their former import quotas, but this is now being reduced to 25%. He also says that, at the moment, the furniture industry contributes £1,000,000 to the islands’ Gross Domestic Product. The Government was therefore anxious to expand the industry and hoped that in two years the contribution to the Gross Domestic Product will be £3,000,000.

1966: Sir Alexander Bustamante, prime minister, and Lady Bustamante are hosts to the contestants in the 1966 Miss Jamaica Beauty Contest, sponsored by the Jamaica Festival Office as part of the Independence celebrations. The contestants were received in the foyer of Jamaica House by Lady Bustamante, who conducted them to the private living room where they were presented to Sir Alexander. The prime minister was in a jovial mood, demanding his kiss and hug from each contestant, but he had a special greeting for Miss Hanover, whom he said was representing the parish in which he was born.

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