1952: Negotiations are now proceeding between the Government and Colonial Development Corporation for the raising of large-scale capital to finance a middle-class housing scheme, possibilities of which were first explored in the United Kingdom by Donald Sangster, Minister of Social Welfare, and announced by him on his return from the UK last September. Further announcement on the progress made in consideration of the scheme is made by the minister as he opens the seminar on aided self-help housing at the Lecture Hall of the Institute of Jamaica.

1954: George Kong, 25-year-old Jamaican 5th-year medical student at UCWI dies in the University College Hospital from severe head injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash. According to reports, Kong was riding along Half-Way Tree Road and on reaching the intersection of Cargill Avenue; Arnold Blake of 51 Slipe Pen Road who was carrying a bed, entered the avenue. The motorcycle hit Blake who is now suffering a broken leg in the UCWI hospital.

1960: Kenneth Phang, 23-year-old salesman is dismissed of a charge of murder at a preliminary inquiry held at the Resident Magistrate’s court, Half-Way Tree before his Honour I. D. Eccleston, on the grounds that he is justified in shooting Basil Lewis, labourer of North Cockburn Road, as his life was in jeopardy. A. H. Val Cotterell, clerk of the courts, presents evidence for the Crown.

1961: Postmen in the Corporate Area go on strike crippling the delivery of mail throughout the city. The strike is in protest against the delay in the implementation of wage increases and fringe benefits agreed on between unions and Government following the four-day island-wide strike of Government subordinate workers in March, a spokesman for the workers says.

1977: The Kirk Express, the Atlanitafik Line ship, leaves the island with one trailer load of ‘Red Stripe’ beer for Miami. This marks the first time that Red Stripe will be put on the market, says Desnoes and Geddes Limited (D&G), manufacturers of Red Stripe. Last year, D&G signed a contract with an international brewing house to produce its product for markets in New York and the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Another brewing contract was also signed last year to produce Red Stripe to serve markets where there are large concentrations of Jamaicans and West Indies.

1979: A call for reconstruction of the Industrial Disputes Tribunal is made by the president of the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association, (JMA) Winston Mahfood, citing tribunal awards and their effect on the entire industrial sector. Mahfood was giving a presidential report at a monthly JMA meeting and speaking against a background of recent criticism by the minister of labour about the frequency with which companies were challenging tribunal awards.

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