1959: Fidel Castro resigns as prime minister of Cuba, accusing President Manuel Urrutia of “an attitude bordering on treason.”


1962: Jamaica, Trinidad and the United Kingdom are involved in a wrangle over meeting the costs of the expansion of the West India Regiment, which was to include a second battalion to be stationed in Trinidad. The expansion of the regiment undertaken by the fede-ral government in 1961 in preparation for the anticipated independence of the West Indies on May 31 this year, should cost just over £200,000, which was to be shared jointly by the United Kingdom government and the Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago governments.


1964: Serv-Well stoves (Jamaica) Ltd makes its first break into the Caribbean market today with the shipment of 1,060 two-burner kerosene stoves to Trinidad and Barbados.

1969: An underground explosion rocks the site of the Old Fort in Montego Bay breaking up the road in several places and severely damaging a motor car, which was traveling along the road at the time.

1975: G. Arthur Brown warns that Jamaica’s monetary system will be destroyed leaving only confusion in its place, if the prevailing rate of inflation is not tackled and turned back.

1980: In a joint statement to political supporters and the nation as a whole, the prime minister and the leader of the Opposition call for “a halt to this savagery” of violence and terrorism “which has resulted in the daily loss of human lives.”


1985: A new loan to Jamaica of US$115 million from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is approved by a meeting of the IMF Board in Washington DC.

1990:  Women’s organisations affiliated to the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) pledge their support in assisting in controlling the remarkable upsurge of crime in the recent weeks. The JLP National Organisation of Women and the Women’s Freedom Movement is responding to the report in The Gleaner of July 16, 1990 in which Minister of Labour Portia Simpson made an urgent call to all Jamaican women, regardless of political persuasion, to fight crime in the society.


1999: Far from tear jerking, the service of thanksgiving for the life of the late Dennis Emanuel Brown is a celebration perfumed by ganja smoke and coloured by the Rastafarian signature colours, red, green and gold. Just about every high-ranking individual of the reggae industry is present. But noticeable is the absence of most top dancehall artistes.

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