1951: Shell installation workers go back to their jobs and the company’s big gas and oil trucks roar out over the city and into the country areas, taking essential fuel to industrial centres, which begin to feel the pinch of the six-day BITU-called strike. To date, there is no certainty that the truce called by W.A. Bustamante and the suggestion of the labour adviser, to prevent the dislocation of industry, would be for a long duration, for the management of the Shell Company (West Indies) Limited had not yet come to a decision on the proposal put forward by the labour adviser, G.H. Scott, as a means of settling the dispute.

1957: Jamaica’s largest hotel and resort subdivision goes into construction at historic Cardiff Hall’s 1,400 acres, with its owner, Mr Roy Lindo, on the spot to see the start of the new inshore road. Lindo, Mr Owen Plant of Messrs Marley and Plant who are building the road which will arc in from the sea to provide more beach land for the giant subdivision, and Mr Stuart Heming, the surveyor, climb into a Land Rover to go over the ground for the new 6,750-foot road.

1965: Asking whether when Mr Manley was chairman of Jamaica Welfare Ltd that made that body a political arm of the People’s National Party (PNP), Senator Hector Wynter issues a rejoinder to the PNP executive statement on the National Volunteers published by Mr N.W. Manley, leader of the PNP. Senator Wynter describes the PNP statement as being “more than unfair”, and says no evidence has been adduced to support the PNP charge of political partisanship.

1968: Allegations are made in the House of Representatives that some gas stations are mixing regular with premium gasolene and selling it as the premium product. Mr Wills O. Isaacs (PNP North East St Ann) asks an oral question of the minister of trade and industry on the matter. He asks the Hon Robert Lightbourne if he is aware of some complaints that some gas stations are mixing premium and regular gas and selling it as premium. Mr Lightbourne responded saying he was not aware. 

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