1952: Four hours after burning his ex-paramour with acid and beating her head with an electric iron, Adolphus Castell, 46-year-old tinsmith of 65 Rose Lane, is found dead underneath Regent Street bridge. He has been shot through the right temple. A small 32-calibre revolver, which the police believe he used to kill himself, was found a few inches from his right hand. Miss Effie Rose, barmaid employed at De Esperanda Club, at the corner of Regent and North streets, told police that it was “jealousy” which caused Castell to beat her.

1953: Councillor Cleveland Walker and Councillor G. S. Atherton hold the key to the mayoral election which, on the evidence of the party and group activities, promises high points of interest. The PNP is set to elect Councillor Balfour Barnswell as mayor to succeed Councillor Edward Fagan, but if the pre-election activities bear fruit, the likelihood is that either Councillor Walker or Councillor Hill will be mayor.

1960: The first hurricane of the Caribbean season, Abby, passes over 200 miles south of Jamaica and is heading out westward across the Caribbean Sea toward Nicaragua and Honduras. The expected strike at Jamaica had not materialized. And by the time Abby had cleared Jamaica on its erratic westward path, it will no longer be a hurricane, but degenerated into a tropical storm.

1964: Jamaica’s deputy prime minister, Donald Sangster, tells the Commonwealth Summit meeting that British Guiana must find its own resources a solution to restore peace in the strife-torn Caribbean Territory. He tells the Commonwealth prime ministers that the only way to ensure independence for the British-protected territory is for its politicians to work out a rational and practical approach to the racial, social and economic problems that threaten to throw the British colony into utter chaos.

1967: The pressure of the water in the Corporate Area will be reduced. The Water Commission decides that the pressure will be greatly reduced from 9 am to 6 pm, and again from 10 pm to 6 am each day, during a trial period of one week. The effect of this on the daily rate of consumption will influence the decision as to whether “the drastic measure of locking off water” should be restored. Acting Chief Engineer Mr Fraser said a test-pressure reduction from 4 pm will result in a lowering of the output from the Constant Spring filter plant by one million gallons.

1970: Appointment of a seven-man Tobacco Industry Control Authority that will make recommendations for the expansion and regulation of the island’s tobacco industry is announced by Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries John P. Gyles

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