1951: Mr Kenneth George Hill, MHR, is elected mayor of the Corporate Area and Councillor William McKenzie Seivright deputy mayor at a meeting of the councillors of the KSAC summoned for the purpose by Mr S.T. Ellington, principal returning officer for the Corporate Area. All the PNP councillors present and the Custos of Kingston, Sir Noel Livingston, voted in favour of both candidates for office, while the JLP councillors who arrived a few minutes late, abstained from voting.

1957: There is some rain in the Hermitage catchment area. Thirty-five parts was recorded in the area; today’s reading is not available. Mr S. W. Parke, secretary of the Water Commission, says storage in the dam is up to 209 million gallons. The rate of draw-off has increased to 9,000,000 gallons a day and over the past 24 hours the level in the dam fell by four to 1/3 million gallons. Mr Parke further says that if the draw-off rate continues, the dam will be empty by August 26.

1959: Twenty-five persons are injured in a truck-cab collision at Central Village on the road to Spanish Town. Four of the injured are in hospital. The vehicles travelling in opposite directions crashed near a parked truck. About 22 passengers were in the truck, which was on its way from Kingston.

1962: The Select Committee of the House of Representatives considering the Jamaica Defence Bill meets in Gordon House. The committee will set up at a sitting of the House on June 21 after the bill, which is to
provide for the defence of, and the maintenance of order in Jamaica by establishment of a Jamaica Defence Force, will be given a second reading.

1963: Plans for the new administration of the Jamaica Hilton Hotel (formerly the Arawak, now taken over by Hilton Hotels International on a long- term lease basis) were outlined at a press conference arranged by the Jamaica Tourist Board at the Terra Nova Hotel. The plans were outlined by Mr Curt Strand, vice-president and director of Hilton International, Mr José Menendez, assistant vice- president residing in Trinidad and Mr Kurt Schloss, who is appointed general manager of the hotel’s new acquisition here. Mr Don Barthowell, who is resident manager, will also remain on staff.

1968: Marine pilots in Jamaica have decided to end their three-week strike and return to work. The decision to resume work was taken by the pilots at a special meeting of the Pilots Association of Jamaica held at the offices of the Kingston Pilotage Authority at Water Lane and presided over by the chairman, Pilot Arthur W. Jones.

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